Monday, March 1, 2010

Is It a Biscuit? Or a Biscuit?

Saturdays 15 bean soup actually happened on Sunday. After my post I ran out of the house (eager to get to the all important thrifting) and forgot to put the beans on for a quick soak. I chose to use Barefoot Contessa, Back To Basics cookbook Buttermilk Cheddar Biscuits. You can find the recipe at They turned out perfect and look almost exactly like the picture. Delicious with good cheddar flavor. I will leave the salt off of the top next time, though, as I felt it made it a bit salty but I used kosher salt and she called for sea salt, probably the real coarse kind . Mr B. said it is a keeper so we will be having it again.
Something interesting happened after my post about making the biscuits. Floss from troc,broc and recup left a comment and asked if our biscuit was their scone (she's British living in France). I told Mr. B. about the question and he said maybe the comment that Kat Princess and the Pea( who won the dottie angel prize and is also British ) left about sharing a recipe for biscuits and then saying something about a good chocolate cookie recipe, meant that cookies are our biscuits. At this point my brain decided that this could become very confusing and required further investigation. This is what I have so far.....the British call cookies, biscuits and cookies. Our biscuits might be what they call scones but we have separate recipes for scones and biscuits. Then if you really think about it many of our scones really are very similar to our biscuits. Let's really confuse everyone by saying the picture of my biscuits do look like scones when they are cut like this. Maybe our British friends can shed more light on the matter but this is the best I can do for now....I may check in later. Have a great Monday.


Unknown said...

Hey Sherri - Thanks for stopping by. Wow we are very close but sort of excluded from each other by the water! What a great area you live in. Looks very serene! And your biscuits look so yummy!!!!!

Princess and the Pea said...

Ok, that is confusing! In England. biscuits are what you call cookies (we only call them cookies if it says it on the packet!). The things you call biscuits, I don't think we even have here. The things we call scones are a sweet dough usually with raisins in or sometimes cheese.

Did you try out the double chocolate biscuits/cookies (whatever they are!)? My Mr B is ready for his next batch... the sweet fairy has not been this week!