Thursday, March 18, 2010

Almost Done

I missed you all so I had to check in. I am still tweaking things on new computer. We had Windows XP and now have Windows 7 so it is all new to me. I wanted to at least give you something pretty to look at so here are more images from House Beautiful. I love globes (maps also) and the room is quite a nice style, a sort of relaxed traditional (my interpretation) that seems lived in yet still a bit refined.

This room is way out of my world but the colors are fun and fresh. The mural and the floor (to ceiling) lamp are great....I had better get back to the job at hand and quit the stalling. See you soon.

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Maisey's Attic said...

Nice to see you're back - good luck with the new computer. Thankyou for the lovely pictures - my home and garden is in need of some tlc at the moment - think I might just get started today - xxx