Monday, August 30, 2010

I Am So Far Behind I Think I'm First

I remember the first time I went to a track meet and saw the runner way in the lead and all the others trailing at different paces behind. I commented on how the others would never catch up...After my 'friends' stopped laughing they explained that she was last not first. Well that is were I am right now.
This is just a small sampling of things to go into my Etsy shop that I have yet to do the final steps so I can open up.

The dogs waiting for me to walk them.

The Kale needing to be planted in the winter garden yet to be prepared. The thrifted 1972 sewing book full of ideas calling to be put to needle, thread and fabric.

Deer fencing and a total reinforcement of chicken yard put on hold after a rebellious lower back issue and Mr. B. being out of town for the weekend.
Enough of the complaining, I will start now to be positive and get busy with the projects.

One thing done...drinking station moved and all water containers removed so chicks won't fall in. I must remind myself of things accomplished.
Off I go now to check some things off my list. Have a good Monday.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Saving The Chickens Again

A quick report before I dash off to the feed store for more netting and some sort of small fencing so the new 6 chicks cant's get through the little holes. We have two new birds of prey aggressively trying to get our chickens and the babies...At first we thought the huge falcon was after the rabbits that come in, but they just used that as a ploy! As you can see the rooster is pleading with me to do something because they are all stuck in that small area until I can secure the large covered run. This morning right before Mr. B. left out for the weekend we saw a yet to be unidentified hawk/falcon ? trying to get through an open spot in the side of the netting....I must run. Here are some pics of the chicks.

The whole group having to hang together...Not happy.
Check back later.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Estorbo The Dominican Cat

I have kept this blog to myself far too long. Mr. B. and I laugh until our sides hurt. So I will now begin to explain as best as I can about this very unique cat and how I came to know him.

His blog title is "The Libe ob Don Estorbo de la Bodega Dominicana" and it is about his life (with his accent he says libe)
with his mom (the wooman) and his dad (smoothman, because he has no hair) in Brooklyn in a small apartment with a small terrace. The Wooman has a blog titled 66 Square Feet were she writes about the small terrace and even gardens on it with beautiful photography. I hadn't been following long when I came upon this post, where I first saw Estorbo the cat and then found out he had his own blog and I have not quit laughing since....You have to read carefully at first because it is spelled out the way he says it with his Dominican accent. I know this sounds strange but if you will give it a try you will love him....He can be a real smarty pants and sometimes he says a bad word but it isn't spelled right so it doesn't look like it.

I hope you take a look.
Have a nice evening.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Chilled Apples

We woke this morning to a chilly 42 degrees, Brr... there is a change in the air for sure. After I got Mr. B. off to work I had another cup of coffee, checked on new blog posts and went to let the chickens out to their front run. What an awesome morning, the sun was coming up and there was dew everywhere, I grabbed my camera to share some shots of our apples on our little tree.
Just looking at these pictures makes me want to take a big, crunchy bite out of one.
These apples are on the tree that Mr. B. caught on fire, remember that post?

As I said back then, it still produces nice fruit as you can well see.

I think we will officially name it "Mr. B.'s Fire Tree".
Here is a little treat to start your week off. Floss from Troc, Broc & Recup is having an International magazine swap.
I encourage you to join in the fun and swap magazines with someone that Floss will match you up with. Here are all of the details.
Have a happy Monday to all.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Growers Daughter Lavender Spray

Photo from The Growers Daughter
I had to share this recipe for Lavender Linen Spray that I found here, over at The Growers Daughter blog. I have visions of beautiful bottles all packaged up for Christmas gifts. Please do take a look a the simple instructions.
Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers concerning my sisters surgery. It went well and we had the happy news that the lymph nodes are not involved. With the way she is feeling today it will no time at all until she back to her regular schedule. The Lord has kept us strong through all of this as He always does. We are truly blessed.
Have a wonderful weekend.... Soon we will be seeing signs of fall creeping in.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Treadle

I am sure none of you will be able to relate to the pile of fabric that is waiting to be turned into something spectacular. I have been collecting sheets, pillowcases and tablecloths from thrift shops for some time now. I stand back and admire the growing, colorful pile and imagine how wonderful it will be to use my treadle and actually make something with it.

My first attempt at the treadle was at my great grandmothers knee when I was about five. All of the details of the instructions are not clear in my memory but I do remember her teaching me the rhythm of it and how if I lost track of that then..clunk it would go and no amount of pushing would make it right.

We hadn't been in the Little House long when we spotted a yard sale down by the beach and there she was just waiting to come home with us and show what she could do. Well I must confess that has been about five years ago and the poor thing has only been practiced on. Let me tell you that first time was a sad sight indeed. As I struggled with getting that smooth action going that is required, I could hear my sweet great grandmother saying...slow down and take it easy. Soon I remembered and started gliding along with that familiar clicking and all was well until little Sherri (it is always little Sherri when it is something naughty) wanted to see how fast she could make it go and then...clunk!

I must do this...I have to get started....I crave it and the need to create something and let my little treadle show what she can do. I have to stop letting things get in the way and give my creative self a place on "The List" so it actually gets done....May I ask how you all make sure you have a proper balance for this?
I will be leaving for Portland/Van. tomorrow morning to be with my sister for her lumpectomy on Thursday. I will be staying down there until I am sure she is able to be her independent self. My laptop is being worked on but should be ready for me so I don't have to miss any of you while I am there.
Have a great day!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Miss E. Picks The Winner

We are on our way to find Miss E. She has agreed to pick the winner for the giveaway as it would not be proper for me to do it with three family members in the running. She is the very best of neighbors and a real character too. I will be posting about her on occasion so this will be a good time for an introduction. We will most likely find her outside somewhere as she is very active.

Here is the front porch with her thriving geraniums that I can see from my living room.

I don't see her around back either...she must be in the garden..."Miss E., Miss E."

"Here I am, in the garden. I can't figure out what kind of an apple this is, will you take a look?"
" I can't remember what kind it is...maybe a golden delicious. I have some beets that might be ready, I'd like to have some for dinner.

"Oh yes, these look ready, I'll cook these up for dinner."
"They look great, remember last year how disappointed Mr. B. was that some rodent ate almost all of his beets?"
"Between the deer in my garden and the vole, or whatever it was, it's a summer to put behind us. Let's go on the patio and find out who the lucky winner is."
"Miss E., that Blueberry bush is doing great, so healthy and lush."
"Yes it is doing well and I will bring some basil in to have in a soup."
"Here is the list that I made with all of the entrants and a corresponding letter to go with. The Scrabble pieces to match are in the bag, if you will reach in a grab one and match it up then we will have a winner."

"And the winner is Kami, it is a good thing that you asked me to do it."
"Yes, and I do appreciate it. Thank you for helping out."
"Your welcome, anytime."
Congratulations Kami and remember you can change your mind on what book you want.
Thanks to all who entered. This was a nice experience to share our treasured cookbooks, they really are like special friends in the kitchen.
Wishing you all a wonderful is going to be really hot in our neck of the woods!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Michelle's Entry

Hood Acre Farms

Another near and dear to my heart entry. These are a few of my sister Michelle's favorites. She shares a home with our mother who likes to be 'in charge' of the kitchen so her time using her books have been limited...We are trying to get mom to loosen the reigns on the stove a bit.
My sister is a real trooper and I am very proud of her. She was diagnosed with breast cancer this spring and has just completed the last of her chemo. Next week I will be going down to Portland for her surgery on the 19th. She has been a shining example of how faith in
God and a positive attitude can help a person not just get through a difficult time but become a stronger and more vital individual in the process. She has a blog which I have been encouraging (nagging) her to post more often so if you want, pay her a visit at Hood Acre Farms
Here is her email: As of yet, I am not much of a cook, however, I love the country life, being a farmgirl/cowgirl, and surrounding myself with lots of animals. I want to learn how to cook simple down home meals like they prepared on the prairie or out on the range while wrangling cattle. There is a myriad of cookbooks out there for my taste, but it is quite overwhelming as where to begin. So, when I stumbled upon the cookbook: Cowgirl Cuisine: Rustic Recipes and Cowgirl Adventures from a Texas Ranch, I knew I had found the book I would love to win.

Best of luck to all contestants!
Thank you Michelle for your entry and good luck.
Remember that tomorrow is the last day to enter. The winner will be announced on Friday when you will meet a new character in the saga of the Little House. We have asked Miss E. who lives across the road and is 82 yrs. young, to help with the giveaway.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sarah's Entry

Another book shelf near and dear to my heart. These help my lovely daughter-in-law Sarah, to feed two of our granddaughters and our son. I spy several that I have given her as gifts.

Here's what Sarah writes:
Here is some of my cookbooks (with kids books mixed in :-)
I think I might like the new Gluten Free Mama Cookbook if I win, but not sure yet.
Thanks Sarah for your entry and good luck.
Remember, if you want to enter, Thursday is the last day to send it in. Details here.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Valerie's Entry

All About Home Baking - Photo from

Valerie almost didn't enter the giveaway because of a major cleaning, re-arranging in her kitchen. Not sure what boxes her cookbooks were in she felt unable to get a photo to enter. Since we are not that fussy around the Little House, we are not going to let that stop us ...We found a photo on and Valerie sent a nice email about some of her cookbooks.

Valerie's email - I have a favorite one lately that I have been going back to as I have been enjoying old recipes. This one has more baking type goods in it. A 1939 cookbook called "All About Home Baking". This is my oldest one. I also have Paula Dean, Good Housekeeping, chocolate lovers cookbooks, books on home preserves, desserts, main dishes, crock pot cooking, wedding cakes (although have never and never will make one but like the looks of the book), fancy and simple, diabetic (I'm a diabetic), church and school cookbooks, I love cookbooks.

If I could pick any cookbook, I would have to say The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond. I look at her blog often and pick recipes from it now and then.
Thanks Valerie for your entry and good luck with your kitchen project.
Don't forget your entry needs to be in by Aug.12th. Details here.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Joan's Entry

Well now...I thought I had a lot of cookbooks but Joan takes the cake. This gives me a good excuse to get more!
Here's Joan's email to explain.
Thanks for posting such a fun giveaway. I've attached a photo of a stack of some of my latest additions to my collection of over 2,000. I know I have an addiction! lol I've been cooking out of these or hoping to soon. They are the ones next to my chair for browsing after work. I'd love to win The Pioneer Woman Cooks By Ree Drummond. I enjoy her blog and have cooked a few things from it and would enjoy cooking from her cookbook.
Thank you.
Thank you Joan for sending in your entry and for proving you can never have too many cookbooks.
Remember entries need to be in by Aug. 12th, details here.

Heather's Entry


Heather joins us today with her collection and a nice description of how she keeps all theses books in line (I need to learn a lesson here). Her blog is full of information, inspiration and fun and right now little chicks too. I encourage you to stop by MY EVERYDAY GRACES to get in on all of the activity.
Here is Heather's email.
I'm a bit compulsive when it comes to cookbooks...I haven't sought professional help yet, but perhaps it's time?? As you can tell, I didn't pick up before taking this photo. However, I do try to keep some semblance of organization when it comes to the books.
First, I shelve them alphabetically by country (American, French, Greek, Irish, Italian, etc.) After those I have a section for celebrity chefs and then soups/stews, desserts, food/wine pairings, cheeses know speciality topics.
I would like to say I have cooked out of every book I own but regretfully I have not. I do enjoy perusing the pages and dreaming of different dishes though:) Maybe I should make it a goal to cook out of each book in the next twelve months? Hmmm, possibilities.
If I were to win a new book I would choose one on canning/preserving like the new Williams Sonoma Art Of Preserving.
Thank you Heather for your entry....I have lovingly given her the nickname "The Librarian".
Deadline for Your Entries: Aug. 12th, details here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Yasmine's Entry

Here is a photo sent in by Yasmine who has a most inspiring blog, Love Live Survive Home.
I encourage you to visit it to learn about some of her travels and lessons along the way. An example of this is on the side bar of her blog where she states that she learned English from watching movies and apologizes if she makes any mistakes. Please read some of her past posts, they are very touching.

Here is her email.

I send you a picture of a few of my favorite ones, I have a lot more of course. Some are old and well used, some rather new, but I love them all. There is actually something very special about
my cookbooks - I have them (and use them!) in four different languages: English, French, German and Croatian! They are silent witnesses of all of the places I've lived and cooking styles I experimented or learned.

If I win I would like to have one of Ina Garten's cookbooks: "Barefoot Contessa, Back to Basics or Barefoot Contessa At Home. Thank you!

Thank you Yasmine for your entry.
Remember the entry deadline is Aug. 12th. Details here.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nancy's Entry

This is a photo that Nancy sent in from her home in Kansas. Here's what she had to say. "Just a few of the many cookbooks I have, but certainly my favorites". I am surprised she could even think about cooking as she mentioned in her email that it was 100 degrees where she is.
If she wins the giveaway she would like "New England Soup Factory Cookbook". Yummy, that sounds good!
Nancy has a blog but has a pretty full plate as of late and felt the need to put it aside for awhile. She stated that she hopes to get back to it soon. We will be watching for Nancy's return and be ready to encourage her right back into the swing of things.
A nice surprise to find out that Nancy is Lola Nova's that makes her grandma to the adorable Pony Girl, how much fun is that? . . . Lucky you Nancy.
Thanks for your entry and good luck.
Remember the deadline is Aug. 12th. and details here.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kat's Entry

Princess And The Pea

Here is our first international entry and it comes from Kat over in England (I love Internet travel). This cozy shelf holds more than a selection of her cookbooks but also a hint of Kat's world travels. She points out the chilies drying on the left that she will use to make Harissa paste. Hanging on the right is nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and some other spices from the Caribbean. If you splash it with water it refreshes the smell. I say you can't get anymore of a 'green' room freshener than that! The framed photos are of Kat and her husband Paul in China.
Kat reports that her favorite book for general use is "Family Book" which she has made nearly all of the recipes. Her highest rated dessert book is "The Mary Berry Book" as she declares, "is the best book I ever bought". So with that rave review she is requesting "Mary Berry's Complete Cookbook" if she wins the giveaway.
And if you thought she only has the books in the top photo you would be mistaken.......

This shelf collapsed under the weight of many others in her collection!
Thanks for your entry Kat and good luck.
Don't forget August 12th is the deadline. Details here.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kami's Entry

McGladrey Family
This photo is near and dear to my heart because out of the pages of these cookbooks, three of our grandchildren are fed. Kami takes feeding her family healthy and tasty meals very seriously and does a good job of it. She plans out the menus weekly and shops carefully...Enough of the motherly bragging.
Here is the email she sent.
Here's a pic of my cookbooks in desperate hopes that I win a cookbook that's been on my Amazon wish list for far too long: Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook That Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats, by Sally Fallon.
Well now...very interesting Kami. Humm. Thanks for your entry and good luck.
Don't forget to get your entry in by Aug. 12th. Details here.