Friday, August 6, 2010

Joan's Entry

Well now...I thought I had a lot of cookbooks but Joan takes the cake. This gives me a good excuse to get more!
Here's Joan's email to explain.
Thanks for posting such a fun giveaway. I've attached a photo of a stack of some of my latest additions to my collection of over 2,000. I know I have an addiction! lol I've been cooking out of these or hoping to soon. They are the ones next to my chair for browsing after work. I'd love to win The Pioneer Woman Cooks By Ree Drummond. I enjoy her blog and have cooked a few things from it and would enjoy cooking from her cookbook.
Thank you.
Thank you Joan for sending in your entry and for proving you can never have too many cookbooks.
Remember entries need to be in by Aug. 12th, details here.


Kami said...

I actually hope Joan wins so she can have the Pioneer Woman cookbook!! It's fabulous!

Heather said...

After reading this I guess I have a ways to go before I need to seek professional help;). Thanks Joan!!

Valerie said...

Wish I could post. We have them all in a box right now as we are doing a major cleaning, re-arranging in the kitchen and I not sure which box is the cookbooks! Good luck to all who enter, this is a sensational give-a-way!


Sherri B. said...

Valerie, you are more than welcome to enter anyway. Just email about your cookbooks and name a few of your favorites. Hope to see your entry.

Yasmine said...

OMG, how do you manage to store and use so many cook books?! Amazing...(this is coming from a fabric addict with serious storage issues ;-)

Joan said...

I'm just now seeing the photos for this contest. Congrats to Kami for winning! Yasmine, I have bookshelves everywhere in addition to baskets and boxes. I do cook from many of them and enjoy reading others.