Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nancy's Entry

This is a photo that Nancy sent in from her home in Kansas. Here's what she had to say. "Just a few of the many cookbooks I have, but certainly my favorites". I am surprised she could even think about cooking as she mentioned in her email that it was 100 degrees where she is.
If she wins the giveaway she would like "New England Soup Factory Cookbook". Yummy, that sounds good!
Nancy has a blog but has a pretty full plate as of late and felt the need to put it aside for awhile. She stated that she hopes to get back to it soon. We will be watching for Nancy's return and be ready to encourage her right back into the swing of things.
A nice surprise to find out that Nancy is Lola Nova's Mother-in-law..so that makes her grandma to the adorable Pony Girl, how much fun is that? . . . Lucky you Nancy.
Thanks for your entry and good luck.
Remember the deadline is Aug. 12th. and details here.


Unknown said...

Thanks for putting up my cookbooks. I love to cook so will visit again. I've enjoyed our correspondence.

Lola Nova said...

Yay, how fun to see Nancy's entry! Hi Mom!

What you may not know is, the best cookbooks are the little cloth bound ones on top, full of family recipes! She also has a drawer full of family recipe cards. If she wants a recipe from someone in the family, she makes sure that we write it out by hand, to give it that personal family touch. I just love that!

Sherri B. said...

Thank you Lola for adding more to the picture, it's easy to read the love between the lines in your comment. It is true that the cloth bound books, the drawers of cards and perhaps the old rusty recipe box are priceless...no printed book could ever compare.

Heather said...

My forever friend lives in Kansas with her family, so it warms my heart everytime I read of someone who lives there:). Lovely collection in the drawers and out!