Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mr. Sad Cloud Face

Not such a great weather day but a good day to make Mr. B. his corned beef and cabbage. I am making it because I love him not because I really want a Nikon D40 that would make my photos really good. I just want to make that clear...

About my photo placement problem...I consulted with my photo literate, Nikon D40 using beautiful daughter who suggested perhaps planning the layout in advance like she does might be more helpful...I see her point but sometimes I think of things while I am tapping the old keys and I say to myself...we could share with our new friends this story and photo. So problem only partially solved. I WILL figure a way out, those pictures will eventually end up going where I want them to one way or another.....Off to start the Yummy dinner. Back in the morning

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thrifty Finds

First copyright 1900, Last 1944

Here are a set of the sweetest little butter knives for $1.00. I know the picture isn't the greatest but I am going to work very hard at taking the best possible pictures with my humble little camera. Isn't that very responsible of me? No, not really. The truth is, Santa ( MR. B. ) was very good to me this Christmas so I will make due until you all beg me to save your eyeballs from the torture of me and my HP Photosmart R847 lack of ability ( audible gasping from readers ). So there you have it. Now when I share my treasures you can just shake your head, click your tongue, sigh and say " Poor Sherri B. ".......... Well this will have to be it for tonight as I didn't expect the picture of the book to go on top...Oh well I will figure it out tomorrow. So much to learn. Good night to all.

Well, I guess the photo tells it all. The only article of clothing suitable for the line today.

I am trying to use my little do nothing digital camera to take indoor shots of my thrifting finds and it is not working very well. I told sweet Mr. B. that I needed a cool camera like everyone else has and how sad it is that I don't fit in with my new crowd. It wasn't clear if he took pity on me so I am off to purchase the makings of one of his favorite dinners.....corned beef and cabbage....yes that should seal the deal. I'm off now.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Day # 1

Good morning! Today is day # 1 of our Northwest weather journey. First, I want you to know that this will only be a part of the blog as my interests are many and I get bored if there isn't a lot going on. This will be a short post for now as I have errands and thrifting to do ( i will share )so I will check in later today. O.K. ...the weather, well it is not great but it is not raining. I use the NOAA weather site to see the conditions coming and the humidity, which is very important even on a hot day as we are surrounded by water ( Fidalgo Island ). this morning it is 68% so that's a hang out number for me. Got to run now, see you later.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet Me At The Line

Welcome to my very first post. Today I decided that it wasn't right for me to visit all the inspiring blogs and not contribute myself. I know you are all kind and gentle souls and will be patient with me as I take my first baby steps. What a challenge to try to make my blog as beautiful and clever as all of yours...I now realize that will not be happening any time soon, but my desire to join you all in sharing parts of life will get me over my opening night jitters.

One of my most favorite things to do is hang out my laundry, it always makes me smile and feel all is right with the world. With that said, I have made a challenge to prove once and for all that it doesn't always rain in the Northwest. Every morning I will take a picture of the clothesline and we will just see how many days the laundry is out and how many days it had to visit the dryer. I will try to do this for 365 days or until you all get sick of it and say " enough, no more meet me at the line, we admit that it is not such a bad place after all." I am sooo excited about getting this started that I think my shyness is starting to vanish....yes indeed I do believe that we will all become fast friends on this new adventure. See you in the morning! Love to all.