Thursday, September 30, 2010

Parcel From England

I joined a magazine swap that Floss, from Troc, Broc and Recup organized. She paired us up and we let each other know what we would like and we sent the October issue of choice out to far off places. My partner was Beki from The Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy who is a clever and busy mom in England. Beki somehow knew that I wanted the UK Country Living and had bought it before I actually said it.

She also sent a bonus magazine named Essentials, UK's Fastest growing women's monthly. I haven't had a chance to really look at either but wanted to take a few snaps to share, sorry that the light wasn't great as it was dusk.

Here is an article on the garden, can't wait to read about this.

Folk Art on the farm. This will be on my nightstand tonight.

My Mr. B. will be interested in this article for sure.

And the school children with the chickens, I am needing this magazine to come to my mailbox every month. I am sorry to say that it appears to leave the U.S. Country Living Magazine in the dust.
Off I go to get ready for bed so I can dig into these pages. I will let you know my findings.
Good night all.

* * Announcement * * A new Giveaway over at The Kitchen Calls.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Answer On Candle

Sorry that I have no photo to share this time. I guess that last time I had the laptop worked on something got changed and I have no idea about those things so I couldn't get it to just download the few that I just took.

The main thing for this post is to give you the info that I came up with about the Slatkin candle fragrance. I spoke with the local Bath and Body Works where it is sold and here is what they said.

This is what is in the candle. Concentrated Natural Fragrance Oil.

This is what I found when I looked up the definition.

Fragrance Oil - A combination of essential oils with Chemicals and fixed oils.
So there it is. If you want or need to have only pure essential oils then this is not for you. I appreciate Cranberry Cottage asking that question as I certainly have learned to be a bit more observant reguarding wording in products.
Wishing a good weekend to all.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Important Update - Essential Oil Candles

Photo - Pacifica Candles

This is to update you on my safe candle search. In the comments section Cranberry Cottage asked if pure essential oils were used. I didn't know and last night could not find out to my satisfaction. So until I can tell you for sure I will need to formally take back my recommendation of the Slatkin Candle being safe. I do apologize for this and am not happy with myself for not being on top of this. I will not stop until I find the definite answer as this is very important to all of us in our homes where we should be safe in all ways.

I want to thank Lola Nova for leaving a comment with the recommendation of the Pacifica Candles. I went to their Pacifica website where you can go to get all of the info and even find the store nearest you.

I am heading out to the other house this morning and our Daughter's birthday tomorrow but I will keep on this when I get down there.

I thank you all for you patience on this and apologize once again.

* * *
May I brag on the Grandchildren at daughters link.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Candle Review

Photo - Bath And Body Works

Scented Candles were permanently snuffed out in our home several years ago after the reports of the dangers that they were leaving in our home environment, long after the flames were extinguished for the night. Also I grew weary of having to discard the candle before it was gone because of the famous crater that we all have struggled to avoid, to no avail.

Enter the Slatkin Co. candle. I saw it on QVC and was impressed because it burnt with no smoke or soot and burns all the way to the bottom leaving nothing to waste. I didn't want to pay for shipping so I went over to our local mall and the Bath and Body Works where it is sold. The ladies there told me that is very safe to burn as it is all soy and no lead in the wick so in the bag it went. I chose Pumpkin Patch, Yum!

I lit this candle at 4:30 in the afternoon so Mr. B. would come to the sweet smell. When he came home that was the first thing he commented on (after he told me what a perfect, beautiful wife I am. Ha).

I didn't snuff it out until 8:30 and it had turned to liquid on top. These photos are what it looks like today. I am thrilled that there are no craters and if you will notice none of the black soot. It is as smooth on the top as when I brought it home.
I will purchase this again unless I hear of a bad report about the fragrance being a danger. If anyone has anything to add about this product, good or bad please feel free to leave it in the comments.
I must run..I really have something else that I am supposed to be doing (shock) but wanted to share this real quick.
Have a great day.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Reusable Canning Lids

Tattler Reusable Canning Lids
I came across this great find in The Backwoods Home magazine in the ask Jackie section. I didn't even know these existed and had often thought how wasteful it was that the lid must be discarded after the first and only use. The Tattler lid is used over and over and are guaranteed for ever...yes it is true and they say they have never had anyone ask for a replacement. I will let you go on over to the website and get all of the info yourself. These are not cheap but if you do any amount of a canning then you know that buying lids every year adds up also.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mr. B.'s Cabbage Rolls

* * * Mr. B.'s Cabbage Rolls
Full post over a The Kitchen Calls.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh What A Web I Weave

This was my Sunday afternoon project. Finally I have both of the covered runs totally secure (I hope) from any birds of prey sneaking between the net and the fencing. The falcon is a regular visitor and I find myself and Jack the dog running out many times a day when the chickens are squawking to find it on the edge of the netting or on our fence and taking low passes to take a better look at the little chicks (insert bad word)! (never mind, take bad word out).
Anyway, this took nearly 3 hours of steady weaving, I know it isn't very attractive but necessary.

Here is a peek at the chicks, we lost 2 so only have the 4 left. We think a weasel or rat got in the hen house at night through the little door that the chickens use to get to their covered run. I now close the slide door that Mr. B. made after everyone gets on the roost. First thing in the morning, really early, I have to go out and open it as the little chicks are squawking to get out.

The two moms, really only one hatched them but the Buff (blond) offered to help out as a nanny.

Down below is Goldie who finally got out of the living room and into the hen house. She is doing well but still doesn't trust any of the others.

Here are the Stripey sisters who Goldie used to be sisters with but now they are mean to her. You remember the popular girls at school who would hang together and be mean to the less fortunate ones.
And we mustn't forget the main man Brooster who keeps all order in his flock...he runs a tight ship. He is the best rooster around and we love him.
I have had some computer problems that I hoped would just fix itself (really?) but it got real nasty yesterday so I had to do the tech help thing today, groan.. so I am running behind on everything. I had hoped to get the Etsy shop opened by tomorrow but it is looking like it might not happen until Monday.
I am making the Stuffed Cabbage for dinner tomorrow night that I showed on the last post and I will be giving a full report on Saturday over at The Kitchen Calls so be sure to check in.
Have a good night.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Purl Bee

Photo from The Purl Bee
A quick post to hook (pretty good play on words huh?) you up with this blog/site if you are not familiar with it. The Purl Bee.
I will post later about my Etsy store opening sometime this week.
Have a good Sunday.

Friday, September 10, 2010

September 11, 2001

* * * * * * We Will Never Forget !

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do You Knit Well?

* * * * Above photo from

I picked this book up from a local thrift shop because it was too beautiful and so new looking that I couldn't leave it behind, only problem is I really don't knit, I do in my head but not in real life.

These photos by my hurry and do it self.

I know that one of my readers could put it to better use and get enjoyment out of it. I got an idea when is saw Nan from Retired In Alaska blog, post a photo of of two tin plates and say that the first person who told her that they wanted them, she would stick them in an envelope a mail them off.
In the process of getting ready to open my Etsy store, Stockshop (yes, I have made some progress by deciding on a name), I will be weeding out things to donate and some things to gift to you, my blogging friends. I will try and see if I can include friends out of the US but have some questions for the Postal Service first. So for the time being this will be for the States only.
If you can use this book please email me and let me know. I will post when it has been given away. * * * *Update - Katieb was the first to ask for the book so it will be mailed off to her.* * *
Have a great day.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Early Fall? And A Winner

Rain, rain go away and come again in October when you are normally showing your wet self! It rained up here in the northern most part of the Puget Sound all day yesterday...Normally back to school time is warm and dry and I am picking blackberries, dry, warm blackberries. I am afraid this year there will be very little without mold on them, sad...sad indeed.
Here is a pear from one of the trees that I bought Mr. B. , the few on the tree are getting big. Speaking of my man, let's interrupt his breakfast to give us a hand with the giveaway.

" Honey will you take a minute to choose a winner please?"

" I'd be happy to."

"Let's see who the lucky winner is, I will give it a mix and pick this one here."
Congratulations Debby from Cozy Blanket! If you will email me ASAP with your mailing address then I will start your subscription right away so hopefully you will have the holiday issue.
Even though I am not happy about the rain this early, I am eagerly anticipating a new season with all of the decorating and festivities that go with it....We will all have fun sharing the projects and recipes of this time of year....The Kitchen Calls is open again and I am hopeful that you will all share anything you like by emailing me or leaving a comment about what you would like to contribute. Please don't be shy as it is a large kitchen and can hold us all.
Have a wonderful day with what ever you are tending to.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Victoria Subscription Giveaway

Because Fall is in the air and you all make me happy like getting the latest issue of Victoria we are going to have a giveaway.
This is a treasure of a magazine and I have found inspiration in each and every issue I have read.

These are a few samples from past issues and sweet articles you will always find.

I would like to get this started right now and have the winner announced on Tuesday so I can get the subscription started and hopefully received well before the holidays.
I am sorry that I must limit this giveaway to only the U.S. readers as the cost added on to the subscription for out of country is over the top.
* Leave a comment on this post.
* Deadline is midnight Monday, September 6th.
* Winner announced Tuesday Morning.
Have a great Labor Day Weekend!