Thursday, September 23, 2010

Important Update - Essential Oil Candles

Photo - Pacifica Candles

This is to update you on my safe candle search. In the comments section Cranberry Cottage asked if pure essential oils were used. I didn't know and last night could not find out to my satisfaction. So until I can tell you for sure I will need to formally take back my recommendation of the Slatkin Candle being safe. I do apologize for this and am not happy with myself for not being on top of this. I will not stop until I find the definite answer as this is very important to all of us in our homes where we should be safe in all ways.

I want to thank Lola Nova for leaving a comment with the recommendation of the Pacifica Candles. I went to their Pacifica website where you can go to get all of the info and even find the store nearest you.

I am heading out to the other house this morning and our Daughter's birthday tomorrow but I will keep on this when I get down there.

I thank you all for you patience on this and apologize once again.

* * *
May I brag on the Grandchildren at daughters link.


Life in Rehab said...

I look forward to your answers, of course. In the meantime, I'll be killing my family with plain scented wax. So this is pretty much up to you now. (Seriously, I had no idea candles were that bad for you!)

Lola Nova said...

Have a wonderful weekend! Those are beautiful photos of your grand-babies!