Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Checking In

Hello my friends, sorry it has been so long since I checked in. This is taking some getting used to with the many ups and downs..actually not that many downs at all, but just trying to get it all organized..whew!

 Once again, I want to thank you for the outpouring of love that you have sent my way, with your special comments, emails and continual thoughts and prayers..I have truly felt them all and can honestly say I am sincerely content and calm in this place right now.

The pace of the rest of my testing is not rushed and I will just now be having a more complete CAT scan on Friday that will determine if a PET scan will be next. I chose Drs. and facilities that are not in our Preferred Provider Insurance but will still have excellent coverage once those extra 'hoops' are jumped through.

Sunday after church, I felt pooped but couldn't turn down an invite from our son and daughter in law to go with to choose their Christmas tree and watch as 'daddy' cut it down.

The family run tree farm had quite a set up with an area for the children to pet and feed some of the most adorable farm animals...the girls just loved it.

Here are the girls with our precious daughter in law....'bout ready to burst with our next granddaughter that is to be born any day now....yippey!!!

The girls have decided on the perfect tree..."Go ahead and cut it down daddy"!

It was a fun outing and a blessing in disguise as I am not usually down at the City House at this time and miss out on some special things quite often.

I have someone to introduce you to......that I will be spending some 'quality' time with for awhile.... 


This is 'Ida', yes I have named my Chemo pole and I will tell you a short story as to how I chose that name.

Years ago, when I was in High School, my great aunt Ida lived within walking distance of our home and so we could expect her to pop by for a proper cup of English tea from time to time.  She was fascinating and irritating all at the same time, if that makes any sense.  She also prided herself in having the powers of ESP (that would be the irritating part) which she took much more seriously than most of the rest of her family....except of course my grandmother (her older sister) who would state that Ida's predictions would most certainly come  to pass.

One fateful visit she has brought along a new 'gift'...the power of reading the life line on ones hand, since my hands just happened to  be innocently holding my fine bone china cup of tea...they were ripe for the picking...Oh boy, here we go I thought.

She started off looking at my wrist, to see how many lines I had all around..which counted  the children you would have.  She happily pointed out that I had 3 "good strong" ones and so would have 3 children....

I did have 3 children and so at this point will tell you in no uncertain terms that I have never believed in this business and never will...even though I had 3 strong children.

Then the palm was examined and there was much tsk, tsk tsking and clicking of the tongue and the bad news was pronounce..."You have a break in your lifeline...it is an illness in midlife but look, you survive and have a very long life."

Remember, I don't believe in this stuff but when you are told that at that age, you do carry it with and occasionally look at it and laugh and tell the story through  the years.  So my sweet husband was told many years ago when we were first together...well actually Auntie Ida probably showed it to him her very self on my very hand...Oh my, it is all coming back to me now. haha.

So, guess what my husband said to me not even hours after that first freaky exam by the midwife up in Mt. Vernon, when all we knew was I had a large tumor on my cervix and bled like a stuck pick when I got a simple pap smear and it probably was cancer......

He said..."That must be that break in your lifeline that Auntie Ida said  would be an illness in midlife and that you would be fine".....My sweet husband...

So that is the story of naming the pole Ida...if she got me into this mess then she is going  to have to go through it with me...hahahahahaha...life is funny.

I'd better get to bed.. I think I am feeling the radiation treatment  today.

Much love to you all..I will  try to check back in sooner.   xo

Monday, November 19, 2012

Let The Healing Begin!

Good day my friends! This morning I will begin the healing process with my first Chemo round. My sister will be here bright and early to take me and support me through all of the new experiences.

Of course, I need the proper 'fuel' for the day....along with the gallons of water that the people with a higher pay grade than myself, suggests that I drink daily.

Once I get all hooked up and settled in to my 'station', I will try to make the rounds to all of your blogs that I have missed.  Since they say I will be there for about 6 hours today, I should have time for many visits.

Thank you all for you prayers and well wishes, your support has been a tremendous blessing beyond words.

You can follow my on Twitter if you like...it's over on my side bar.

Much love to you all!

Sherri   xo

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Hello my sweet friends. Thank you so very much for your kind words and prayers.

 I really don't have much to report as I won't be seeing the specialist until next Tuesday. It has been difficult waiting to find out what will come but I have had plenty of time in prayer and drawing closer to Jesus.

I lost my appetite completely and had to force myself back to eating...

You won't even believe this...My sweetie was to go back up north on Saturday morning so he could get back to work but on Friday evening he told me he was having an appendicitis attack and needed to go to hospital..ugh. So we went and he had surgery and I picked him up to come home Saturday morning. That's how easy that operation is now a days.

He's is back at Little House and back to work. He will be coming back down next Monday to be with me for the appointment on Tuesday.

My heart is full to know that I have so many wonderful friends in the blog world..Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Much love to you all. xxoo