Saturday, February 27, 2010

Soup Sort of Day

When you have tried every way possible to have a good attitude regarding the weather it is time for soup to make the whole mess all better. Today it will be 15 bean soup with a big ham bone from the freezer. What I really appreciate about this hearty soup is there are plenty of leftovers to freeze and have for Mr. B's lunches (he works close enough to come home). I think I will try a new biscuit recipe so I can cross that off my personal challenge of baking. I will let you know which cookbook I choose next post.
Mr. B. and I are going thrifting so I'd better sign off for now. Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Linky, Stinky

Let's see if this will work for the link. I found Yasmine's comment on Decor8 blog and wrote down her blog URL properties then I went to the site so I know that it works. I have decided to not post a new blog until I can make this happen. Yesterday daughter, via phone, walked me through the way she always links on her own blog, it set up and looked like it would work but did the same thing as on post yesterday. She is stumped and I am very frustrated! goes. This is a nice blog by Yasmine. Love Live Survive Home and it would be worth your time to stop. Now let's see if you can actually do that.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vintage Finds

Yesterday I had to run to town and as usual made a quick stop at my favorite thrift shop. This (bad, dark) picture does not do these two finds justice as they are both in excellent condition. I had to hide my excitement when I saw the beautiful ceramic electric percolator but I did take it and cradle it like a baby until time to pay. The other treasure is something I have been on the look out for years. I do believe it is a jelly/jam server. It is silver, probably plated, with a spoon that is also silver (polished up nicely). I came home, gave a quick wipe of the inside of the percolator and brewed a delicious pot of coffee...Yea!!
If you remember I said I wanted to challenge myself to some sort of baking adventure and I think I have it. My daughter made, what she calls cinnamon rolls to die for, from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook. (I hope I did the link right this time). So I am going to try those today as a jumping off point but I may not take pics. as daughter said she is going to do that on her blog. (don't want to be too much of a copy cat). ....Anyway, along with that our friend dottie angel is having a wonderful, special, strings attached giveaway that made us look deep into the hunting and gathering addictions of dark, secret spots of our hidden coveting places in our hearts. Yes, she is making us face things some of us have never known existed.........I now see I have many but only need to confess to the largest (in hopes of winning the prize). It is ... cookbooks. Last night I quickly counted 71 , yes that would be seventy one! In our small little house. I really had no idea the magnitude of my illness and as I entered my confession to dottie I also added that I don't care and that's that. Well now getting back to my baking challenge to myself I have decided to lessen my cookbook guilt (not that I really have any) by putting to use all of the books. Here it is, I must bake something out of each of those books and everyone I bring into this house in the future also. It starts today and by Christmas Eve it must be complete. So there you go you are my witnesses and I am certain you will hold me accountable.
I had better go get started if I am to finish on time. Do visit the blogs I have linked to if I have managed to do it correct this time around..

Monday, February 22, 2010

Oregon Grape and Other Thoughts

Well it is another beautiful day, almost a week now of this. Forecast for Tuesday is cloudy and maybe rain so I have as many wash loads on the line as I could get. On our morning walk the dogs and I noticed all of the flowers on the Oregon Grape (not related to a real grape). The fruit looks like a blueberry and the leaves like holly. It can grow like a tree or a creeping, low ground cover. It is not sweet at all but my grandmother used to make jelly with it and other fruits mixed with, I'm sure, loads of sugar. And another bit of is the Sate flower of Oregon...but is common all over the NW.
I am thinking of doing some sort of baking challenge for myself and sharing it here on the blog...I am scarred at the thought but feel I need to push myself as I am a fearless cook but have always kept my baking pretty safe. I did go out on a limb and bake cupcakes for Mr. B. to take to work for a pre Valentines Day treat. They turned out pretty good so that has given me the courage to even think about this..If you want to try the recipe it's on the Hershey's Cocoa , Special Dark, tin. It is the cake recipe but it worked for cupcakes too, and the frosting was great! I think I baked them for about 25 min. remember to test with a toothpick or other tester of choice. Anyway I will be thinking about it and if you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Beach Walk

It was such a beautiful afternoon to go down the road to the beach. We can't get over the drift wood as high tides and storms have piled them high against land. It is really a bay and at one time was an oyster farm but we used to walk on it as there is sand up close. The dogs love coming with Mom and Dad but Maggie got in trouble as she tried to escape and climb over the tangled drift wood (probably to get to something stinky on the beach). She must be careful as she tore a ligament in her leg just before Thanksgiving and is just now starting to use that back leg a little. So daddy had to go and pick her naughtiness up so no other mishaps would happen....She knows she has been bad.

Daffodils and Wild Violets

Yesterdays trip back north went well. As usual, when we pull in the first thing the dogs want to do is "wipe the city off" as daddy (Mr. B.) always says. So up to the hillside we go letting the coyotes know we are back by ways that dogs know best (insert imagination here).

Many of the daffodils are now starting to show off....How about a bit of FYI ?

This comes from The American Daffodil Society. . The botanical name is Narcissus but really is recognized by Daffodil by the society.

I did not realize that are so many different kinds for our enjoyment. Here is the run down on the numbers

13 descriptive divisions

Between 40 and 200 different species ( depending on what botanist you are talking to ).

Finally, over 25,000 registered cultivars or hybrids.

I was very impressed with these numbers as I am sure you are, so this weekend when there is a lull in conversation you can most certainly look very bright with this bit of knowledge.

Have a great weekend.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Heading Out

Just a quick pic of the primroses I used to try to brighten up the entry area. In the summer it is covered with a beautiful climbing rose.

I am packing up to head north to The Little House. The weather is beautiful so the drive should be great. Looking forward to seeing Mr.B., the chickens and Frederick the cat.

I will sign off for now and check in later.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Finally I could hang out laundry
today. These linens have needed a good freshening up as they have been packed away for several years. I have forgotten that I do have some pretty things that need to be enjoyed again. Tomorrow I think I may pot up some primroses. See you then.
P.S. I know..I tried the link and it didn't work. SORRY. I will try later to figure it out. Little Sherri throws big temper tantrums over things like this. ( stomp, stomp, kick, kick , bad frowning face).

Missing In Action

Sorry about being missing in action. Daughter is having motherhood meltdown (middle child, terrible 2's) so spent the day trying to help her sort some of it out. I am seeing that laundry is the bad boy in all of our lives and I forgot how fast it can get out of hand...She is doing great with it but when things fall apart it is the folding and putting away that starts to pile up. That seems to be the common complaint I read on the blogs....let us try to look on the bright least they have clean clothes.
The weatherman has a sunny report for days and it's about time!! I am so looking forward to visiting the line. I will try to post some pics but not quite sure about it on my laptop.
There was a great post about Ash Wednesday by Floss at Troc, Broc and Recup. She has a great blog and always has a variety of interesting things to share from France. She is also a good friend in leaving nice comments to many. Thanks Floss. ( hope the link works as it is the first time I have tried that little trick ).
I will check in later as the laundry is calling to me.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Saving The Chickens

We spent a good part of Valentines Day putting this netting over our garden. An eagle got one of our chickens on Saturday afternoon. It was heartbreaking but part of nature.
It is nesting season here on the islands and so it goes... We gave up the garden so they could have enough room as they are used to going into the field. We have room to be creative and garden elsewhere in the yard. It sure isn't very attractive right now but I will figure something out.

I am off again to the southern clothesline as the yard there is calling for my attention. I will check in later today. Have a good and productive day. Love to all.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mr. B. is the best. Here is the beautiful arrangement that was delivered yesterday. I am truly blessed. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines with someone special in your life..... See you Monday.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thrifty Finds

What a unique bag. I have never seen one so well made with leather handles and closure.

It was a good day with fabric finds and a few items of clothing. I am thinking of opening a shop on many of you have one and it seems like it would be fun.

I am going to say good night but it might pop up in the middle so pretend it is at the end. I really have to figure this out soon !!! Sleep well.
These shoes are so sweet in person. The sides are a delicate mesh with muted daisies. The color isn't true as the orange isn't really that dark. Anyway...there is no way I am going to get into them but that's beside the point. Even the chickens approve.

Here is a picture I took last week at the southern clothesline (Portland/Vancouver) . See how desperate I get when I can't hang clothes out!!
I am off to run the normal end of the week errands and sneak in some thrifting. I will leave a quick post later and hopefully some pics of good finds.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Is It?

This was in a bag of old cookie cutters from one of my recent thrifting trips. You can roll it along with the handles and it has 6 different shapes all round. I can see it being used to cut pastry. Each shape is about 2" wide. The markings are ' Made in Germany' and a symbol with DRGM under it. I always think it's fun to try to pin point what something was really used for. Pretty small for cookies but who knows. How about it does any one know or have at least a fun guess?

The weather is still not good. Normally I don't complain about it but it is really getting old. I guess I am having clothesline withdrawal. We are going to get some gusty wind tonight so maybe that will clear things out. (or bring more bad stuff in).

I so thank you all who have left me comments, it has helped me to leave more comments on others blogs.

Well I must be off to do the evening rounds. I set the coffee pot up for the morning (5 am) as I just love my first cup to be waiting for me. Next off to the bath and my comfy pajamas and finally back to the kitchen to make our popcorn which goes in our big wooden bowl that Mr. B. and I share almost every night.....Sometimes routines can be very soothing, especially on a rainy, windy Northwest night.....maybe it's not so bad after all. Good night all.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Signs Of Early Spring

It was a beauiful day today after the beach clouds burnt off. I did hang clothes out but passed on taking a snap of the line and instead got a shot of our French Pussywillow (that's what they called it at the Farmers Market) . It is a very interesting little bush/tree, not like other pussywillows that I am used to. When I walked the dogs up by the hill I spotted the wild violets out all ready too. I took a picture and I will try to post that in hopes that it will actually show up somewhere on this post. (still working on that). OK I just loaded the picture and I am pretty pleased with myself as I think I might be figuring it out. I can hear all of the yawning out there right now. I promise I will have more interesting things soon, you won't be sorry that you hung in there with little Sherri B. until she got everything figured out.
With all of these signs of spring it gets me in the mood to start going through some of my seed catalogs that have been showing up in the mailbox. Actually it is time to plant the peas on Presidents Day, I always seem to forget but this year I will remember so I can report the good deed to you all... Well I think I will say good night.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Spring in February? This is a bit early but may be a pay back for the horrible weather we endured last winter.
When I sparted this blog I said I wanted to show that it didn't always rain in the NW. Since then I have only been able to hang my clothes out a few times which is not the norm at all. Usually I can get at least 2 or 3 days a week with some sort of outside drying going on. With that said I have decided to only take a picture when the clothes are on the line so maybe we can turn this jinx around !!!
I am a little sad of late about some sort of virus going around in blog world. I noticed that the last few weeks or so many blogging sisters saying in different ways that they aren't feeling it or wonder what is next for them etc......I am so new to all of this that I don't know whether this happens every so often or not......Oh....I just thought of something. These are all people of the artistic nature so this just might be normal. We will wait and see.
The sun is coming out so I am off to walk my babies (dogs). Love to all.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello all. I am down at the southern clothesline and I must say the weather in the Portland/Vancouver area isn't any better than it has been up north. I took one picture but I am not sure how to put it on my laptop so I will wait until I get back to The Little House on Sat.

This is my first time back since we left the day after Christmas so everything is still very 'festive'. I am so thankful that I picked up that nice tree that does not need water (I am not going to say the "A" word) though I do miss the nice smell. I spent part of the day taking the balls off the tree. It never fails that I tear up when the beautiful vintage balls go back in the boxes. Every year I promise myself that next years tree will be even prettier and maybe have ALL of the balls on it....that would be spectacular....maybe one year, yes, one year I will.

Have a restful evening.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Good morning. I am trying something new to see if I can tame the picture placement. I realize now that I can actually use the little symbols on the top of my post page and not just the picture symbol. So I have requested the left hand side for my entry. I am going out of town this morning so I don't have any time to correct problems, my apologies in advance just in case.

I am posting a photo from yesterday as it is about the same today. No clothes hung out. I will try to post from my lap top while I am gone. I will be back on Friday but will still take pictures everyday of my other clothesline as it is also in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest! Have a great day. the way I am getting bored of empty clothesline so we will be looking at other things on these days.