Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daffodils and Wild Violets

Yesterdays trip back north went well. As usual, when we pull in the first thing the dogs want to do is "wipe the city off" as daddy (Mr. B.) always says. So up to the hillside we go letting the coyotes know we are back by ways that dogs know best (insert imagination here).

Many of the daffodils are now starting to show off....How about a bit of FYI ?

This comes from The American Daffodil Society. . The botanical name is Narcissus but really is recognized by Daffodil by the society.

I did not realize that are so many different kinds for our enjoyment. Here is the run down on the numbers

13 descriptive divisions

Between 40 and 200 different species ( depending on what botanist you are talking to ).

Finally, over 25,000 registered cultivars or hybrids.

I was very impressed with these numbers as I am sure you are, so this weekend when there is a lull in conversation you can most certainly look very bright with this bit of knowledge.

Have a great weekend.

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Floss said...

I think we may be visiting Ednburgh's Botanic Gardens tomorrow so I will hope to be able to show off my new knowledge there - thanks for the info!

I'd love to see how you have displayed the mirror like mine...