Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Vintage Finds

Yesterday I had to run to town and as usual made a quick stop at my favorite thrift shop. This (bad, dark) picture does not do these two finds justice as they are both in excellent condition. I had to hide my excitement when I saw the beautiful ceramic electric percolator but I did take it and cradle it like a baby until time to pay. The other treasure is something I have been on the look out for years. I do believe it is a jelly/jam server. It is silver, probably plated, with a spoon that is also silver (polished up nicely). I came home, gave a quick wipe of the inside of the percolator and brewed a delicious pot of coffee...Yea!!
If you remember I said I wanted to challenge myself to some sort of baking adventure and I think I have it. My daughter made, what she calls cinnamon rolls to die for, from The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook. (I hope I did the link right this time). So I am going to try those today as a jumping off point but I may not take pics. as daughter said she is going to do that on her blog. (don't want to be too much of a copy cat). ....Anyway, along with that our friend dottie angel is having a wonderful, special, strings attached giveaway that made us look deep into the hunting and gathering addictions of dark, secret spots of our hidden coveting places in our hearts. Yes, she is making us face things some of us have never known existed.........I now see I have many but only need to confess to the largest (in hopes of winning the prize). It is ... cookbooks. Last night I quickly counted 71 , yes that would be seventy one! In our small little house. I really had no idea the magnitude of my illness and as I entered my confession to dottie I also added that I don't care and that's that. Well now getting back to my baking challenge to myself I have decided to lessen my cookbook guilt (not that I really have any) by putting to use all of the books. Here it is, I must bake something out of each of those books and everyone I bring into this house in the future also. It starts today and by Christmas Eve it must be complete. So there you go you are my witnesses and I am certain you will hold me accountable.
I had better go get started if I am to finish on time. Do visit the blogs I have linked to if I have managed to do it correct this time around..

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