Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More Signs Of Early Spring

It was a beauiful day today after the beach clouds burnt off. I did hang clothes out but passed on taking a snap of the line and instead got a shot of our French Pussywillow (that's what they called it at the Farmers Market) . It is a very interesting little bush/tree, not like other pussywillows that I am used to. When I walked the dogs up by the hill I spotted the wild violets out all ready too. I took a picture and I will try to post that in hopes that it will actually show up somewhere on this post. (still working on that). OK I just loaded the picture and I am pretty pleased with myself as I think I might be figuring it out. I can hear all of the yawning out there right now. I promise I will have more interesting things soon, you won't be sorry that you hung in there with little Sherri B. until she got everything figured out.
With all of these signs of spring it gets me in the mood to start going through some of my seed catalogs that have been showing up in the mailbox. Actually it is time to plant the peas on Presidents Day, I always seem to forget but this year I will remember so I can report the good deed to you all... Well I think I will say good night.


Floss said...

It certainly looks like the pussy willow we have in France! But ours is not out yet, unless I'm much mistaken... I will be looking out for it now.

Hangin' on in here...


Sherri B. said...

Floss, thanks for letting me know that my pussy wilow is indeed French. Have a great day!

Lola Nova said...

Thanks for the reminder about the peas! I too, always forget. Our Daphne is in bloom, the scent is heavenly and gives me hope for spring. The Crocus are popping up; we call it "Crocus Pocus" because it seems like magic.
Yesterday was lovely and bathed with sunlight, today is cold and wet, ah February in the Northwest!