Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Is It?

This was in a bag of old cookie cutters from one of my recent thrifting trips. You can roll it along with the handles and it has 6 different shapes all round. I can see it being used to cut pastry. Each shape is about 2" wide. The markings are ' Made in Germany' and a symbol with DRGM under it. I always think it's fun to try to pin point what something was really used for. Pretty small for cookies but who knows. How about it does any one know or have at least a fun guess?

The weather is still not good. Normally I don't complain about it but it is really getting old. I guess I am having clothesline withdrawal. We are going to get some gusty wind tonight so maybe that will clear things out. (or bring more bad stuff in).

I so thank you all who have left me comments, it has helped me to leave more comments on others blogs.

Well I must be off to do the evening rounds. I set the coffee pot up for the morning (5 am) as I just love my first cup to be waiting for me. Next off to the bath and my comfy pajamas and finally back to the kitchen to make our popcorn which goes in our big wooden bowl that Mr. B. and I share almost every night.....Sometimes routines can be very soothing, especially on a rainy, windy Northwest night.....maybe it's not so bad after all. Good night all.

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Floss said...

It looks like a cookie cutter, I agree - I have seen rolling ones before - my grandma had a 'not quite circular' one for cutting pasty to make little pies. In Germany, perhaps it was used for lebkuchen? They look the right shapes. I agree that it's great to know what you've found!

Thanks for your comment about the ricotta (I'm glad you're leaving more comments these days, as you say). I've found a good recipe, but I think I may actually look for that recipe book on Amazon, as it sounds right up my husband's street.