Friday, August 13, 2010

Miss E. Picks The Winner

We are on our way to find Miss E. She has agreed to pick the winner for the giveaway as it would not be proper for me to do it with three family members in the running. She is the very best of neighbors and a real character too. I will be posting about her on occasion so this will be a good time for an introduction. We will most likely find her outside somewhere as she is very active.

Here is the front porch with her thriving geraniums that I can see from my living room.

I don't see her around back either...she must be in the garden..."Miss E., Miss E."

"Here I am, in the garden. I can't figure out what kind of an apple this is, will you take a look?"
" I can't remember what kind it is...maybe a golden delicious. I have some beets that might be ready, I'd like to have some for dinner.

"Oh yes, these look ready, I'll cook these up for dinner."
"They look great, remember last year how disappointed Mr. B. was that some rodent ate almost all of his beets?"
"Between the deer in my garden and the vole, or whatever it was, it's a summer to put behind us. Let's go on the patio and find out who the lucky winner is."
"Miss E., that Blueberry bush is doing great, so healthy and lush."
"Yes it is doing well and I will bring some basil in to have in a soup."
"Here is the list that I made with all of the entrants and a corresponding letter to go with. The Scrabble pieces to match are in the bag, if you will reach in a grab one and match it up then we will have a winner."

"And the winner is Kami, it is a good thing that you asked me to do it."
"Yes, and I do appreciate it. Thank you for helping out."
"Your welcome, anytime."
Congratulations Kami and remember you can change your mind on what book you want.
Thanks to all who entered. This was a nice experience to share our treasured cookbooks, they really are like special friends in the kitchen.
Wishing you all a wonderful is going to be really hot in our neck of the woods!


Heather said...

What a suspenseful post... I held out hope until the last:)

Congratulations Kami!

Sherri, what a lovely area you live in!

Michelle said...

Congrats Kami! So...when do we get to see the face of Miss E? By the way, great pictures.


ted and bunny said...

Hi dear Sherri (and Bertha)
thanks so much for the kind comments you leave for me and Henny.
All of Bertha's messages are given to Henny- she does listen to her American friend you know!

I hope that all is well with you,
pouring with rain here, annoying although the ground does need it.
Have a lovely weekend,
kindest wishes Elaine

Princess and the Pea said...

Well done Kami!

I wish we could have a share of your sunshine Sherri, it has not stopped raining for days here - I've not been able to do any washing as I can't get it dry! Our summer seems to have been very short lived (again) I noticed the leaves starting to turn brown on Thursday!

Kat x

Valerie said...

Congratulations Kami!

How very nice to meet you Miss E. I greatly enjoyed your participation in Sherri's wonderful give a way.

Sherri, Loved the post!


Lola Nova said...

Hooray for Kami! Oh, I just loved meeting Miss E, she is certainly a treasure. What a lovely place she has, I would be quite happy to her as my neighbor!

Yasmine said...

Congratulations Kami!
Sherri, I love the picture with Miss E's hands, so powerful...

Kami said...

OOH, yay!! I haven't changed my mind on the cookbook - thanks for the contest!!

Life in Rehab said...

LOL, this was great, and I'm SO sorry I didn't get a chance to play!