Thursday, March 11, 2010

House Beautiful Magazine

This kitchen would look great in the Little House and I do believe it might even fit. And the wooden bowl needs to be on the table with or without a fresh green salad from the garden. These images are from the magazine that I have known since a child and still have every month to this day. Not many of us can afford or even want an interior decorator but the ideas abound on these pages and many can be used with imagination, careful shopping (thrifting too) and trial and error. Unfortunately, we are losing many of our favorite periodicals as of late but so far my beloved House Beautiful is not one of them. If I had to choose only one (horrid withdrawal) decorating magazine it would have to be this versatile gem. Take a look and see what you think.


Floss said...

I really like the British House Beautiful - I had a year's subscription betwenn 2004 and 2005 and I have kept all the copies (bar one, which seems to have got lost) and I still re-read them in the right month and get a lot out of them. It looks as though your version is just as good!

I hope you don't mind me sending my readers over to your blog - sorry you decided to erase a rant - feel free to be yourself! It just seemed wrong to post about line drying and not include you and that great photo...

And that kitchen is truly adorable.

Sherri B. said...

Dearest Floss, I am so excited about you sending your friends. I love doing my blog and welcome one and all with open arms that can hold many and love them all!!! And I would be so pleased to send you some of my House Beautiful after I am done,just give the word and it is done.

Carol said...

Hi Sherri, just read your post on the lovely Floss's blog.
So easy to take things for granted, like being able to do something so normal - to me - such as hanging out the washing.
I know I would be rebellious too!
The kitchen looks lovely. I used to occasionally buy House Beautiful but now subscribe to Country Living and Prima. The first is inspirational/aspirational and the second is more practical.
Carol xx

Sherri B. said...

Hi Carol, so glad you stopped by. I take my clothesline very seriously and could not imagine having to fight to hang out laundry and you'd better believe I would. I think I will dedicate a blog posting to facts on the matter after I research it..
I also get Country Living but I don't think I have seen your Prima.
Please stop again if you like.

Yasmine said...

Lovely kitchen, Sherry, I could feel good instantly in it.Just love, love personal details all over the place. I too have always lemons on my kitchen counter - yellow and citrus make me happy!

Maisey's Attic said...

Just popped in to wish you a very happy weekend - Thankyou for visiting my blog - I will be back - xxx