Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Skagit Valley In Sunset Magazine

Skagit valley is the mainland for us on Fidalgo Island. This is our pride and the reason for the big tulip festival in April. I drive by this on my way to all of my main shopping in Mt. Vernon. This weekend I caught a glimpse of the purple (early) in the fields and I plan on getting some photos to share. The weather isn't cooperating right now though. This is from and same for the rest of the post... I picked up the magazine yesterday when I saw that I could share this with you. ( good excuse for another mag. )

Here is an article you can check out on gardening in pots. I think we will be doing some of that this year since we had to save the chickens from the eagles and give up our garden.

How about a nice Easter brunch after church if dinner doesn't work?

We will be having dinner at our daughters' home. We have not decided on full menu yet but do know that the ham will be guest of honor. We will also have smoked salmon or turkey breast and asparagus for sure.

Here is a yummy Italian style bread. This looks good but daughter is going to make her delicate dinner rolls that she has perfected.

And here is the cake that Martha Stewart is bringing , just kidding, she's not invited. How pretty is it though. We are having a carrot cake, everyone in my family will be pleased.

I need to run, I have things that I've been putting off that must be done (grumpy face).
Later if weather permits I want to take some pics. from the French magazine but I want it outdoors.

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Andi's English Attic said...

Hope your chickens remain safe.
Have a very happy Easter. xx