Friday, March 5, 2010

Gazebo Dreams

Last winter in one of several wind storms we lost the canvas cover to our gazebo. No problem I thought, I'll just order a replacement...that did not happen as the shape, size and quality that we need would be more than the price of the entire original package. What now? I have plans for the whole area and we had very little use from it in the 2 years of ownership. Could I sew a new one? I laughed at that thought as my list of projects will take a lifetime as it is. Only solution....a grape arbor, yes that would be beautiful and provide shade and produce. We put one plant at each corner and we were sure it would cover the structure in one season as in our other house the grapes need to be pruned very aggressively or they go up the side of the house to the chimney up to the peak of the roof. As you can see by the pics. they didn't even grow and we had one we needed to replace. I will not give up though and if need be will did huge holes fill with mass quantities of the best soil money can buy and enjoy the shade of those grapes this summer!!!!!! ( I won't actually be doing the digging ). Can you just picture it? How beautiful will it be covered with vines and grapes just happily dangling down. A little bistro table in one corner and a wicker settee, cushions with vintage fabric and when it gets chilly in the evening a small fire in the little chimney and sitting next to my honey....I doesn't get much better than that.

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