Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Monday

I do love Mondays.....The start of a new week, a fresh start. Mondays are always hopeful for me, I will catch up on things left undone at the end of last week....well maybe not all of them but with this outlook some of The List will be checked off. It is all about the way we look at things in life that make the difference in being able to move forward or stay very stuck in the past. We can do better this week, make a decision to see things with a different eye, close the door on last week and make some wonderful things happen for ourselves and those we love.
As you can see I am making some changes on the blog..not quite sure how it will end up yet but it will be fun to go through the process. We got a new computer and so I need to get that all hooked up some time in the next few days...not really looking forward to it as those of you who have done it know why. ( I'd better change my attitude about that! )
On Saturday afternoon we walked the dogs at the beach and there was this big clump of daffodils in the middle of dead, thorny brush as if it had been tended by a loving hand......that is the thought I will start this week with...that is the same Loving Hand that tends to us. Have a blessed day everyone!

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Yasmine said...

Beautiful! Love the daffodils but here in Quebec/Canada I'll have to wait till the end of May to see my yellow beauties...