Saturday, March 13, 2010

Date With A Dough Hook

I had a very big surprise under the Christmas tree this year. I didn't even ask for it or hint or leave advertisements laying around or anything like that. Wanted it, yes but said no way you already have a Kitchen Aid so you don't need the brand new, latest design with the new technology dough hook on it with a big 6 qt. I just dreamed and said maybe someday. Christmas morning and the big present, Mr. B. what a sweetie. When I opened it up and saw it I said, " what are you doing? " I couldn't even believe it and I just kept saying it over and over. Do you know what he said? You aren't going to believe it either....."I had to get it when I saw it because .... it is the same color as the kitchen. " Really! I couldn't argue because it is the same color exactly. So this weekend is the first time with the dough hook, it is suppose to do a really good job so we will see. Not that I will be a great judge of it as I have not made a bunch of bread but with this I will be like a bakery soon.
Now to begin, I am having a hard time deciding on the cookbook to use. I love James Beard but I just got the Farm Journal Baking one yesterday at the thrift store.....which one shall it be? I need help with this so I had better get a second opinion, who is close by?
There is Frederick the cat he will help and he always knows best about all things fine and good. Well buddy what will it be? James or The Farm one? What do you mean you don't know and you will have to get back to me? What kind of an answer it that? ....a cat answer? ok I think Frederick needs to go outside and think about this for awhile, I will decide and share pictures tomorrow. I must go and have a little talk with one smarty pants cat. Have a good evening.


Maisey's Attic said...

What a lovely present!! - I love the colour, the design...well everything about it. I have a Kitchen Aid on my 'wants' list. Love the picture of Frederick - I will be back to see what decision he made.

Hope you are having a lovely day - the whether here is so spring like today - definitely lifts the spirits -

Andi's English Attic said...

I treated myself to a Kitchen Aid just before Christmas (not the new delux model, just the bog standared one). Husband has NO idea how much they cost, and I ain't telling. Makes great bread though. Must do some more baking.
Please let us know which book you chose and how it all turned out. xx

Yasmine said...

What a lovely color! I got mine as a present too last year for my birthday from my two children. I always wanted one in banana yellow but got one in a incredibly beautiful red.Love it!