Thursday, April 8, 2010

What The Heck Is It?

We need your help in identifying this object. No, not the mug, that was placed there to give you an idea of size. It feels like it is heavy metal with a good quality paint on it.
There is a spring so you can clamp it closed. We found it in the kitchen gadgets but that doesn't mean that it is for kitchen use.

It has ridges on the inside if you can see from the bad, blurry pic.

Do you know what it is? How about some good guesses or maybe just any kind of guess for fun.
Thanks. Oh....we can home to 2 real live Easter chicks. I will try to get some photos if mom lets me get close enough to her babies.


Kami said...


Floss said...

I'm pretty sure it is a kitchen implement. My guesses (wild and reasonable) include garlic peeler (seen something a bit like it but I doubt it), or an olive/cherry de-stoner (but they usually have a spike - with this one, you'd clamp the fruit and use a spike of your own choice, I suppose). So, not an awful lot of help, here!

I've just posted about your lovely CL magazine.

Yasmine said...

I also think it could be a nutcracker - I had something very similar long time ago.