Monday, April 26, 2010

Creative Mint

From time to time I will be sharing blogs that I feel you would be interested in. Most of you are very busy and I have a bit more time to blog surf in between my other duties plus I just plain love to share great things. Creative Mint is a must have on your favorites for pretty things and inspiration. Leslie is living in L.A. and is from Canada. You can count on regular posts of all kinds of eye candy. I hope you enjoy visiting Leslie's blog and might I suggest looking at past posts as well.

Have a marvelous beginning of a new week. I will be with my mother today as she is a bit under the weather but if she is up to it we just might go to the nursery and pick up some flowers to put in all of her empty, waiting pots.....I found a real treasure yesterday and hope to share it tomorrow.


Maisey's Attic said...

Hi - thanks for this - I will certainly go over and have a look.
Wishing you and your mother a good day -


Lola Nova said...

What a pretty blog. Thank you for sharing the link, so much creativity out there, love it!

Princess and the Pea said...

Hope your mum feels better soon... I'm sure a day of being cared for by you will soon perk her up!x

Heather said...

Hi Sherri, Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog:) It is nice to meet you. If you go into your profile you can just click on any word that you entered and it will show you blogs in which people have listed the same. So, I just click on Oregon and all the blogs come up, but I am trying to narrow it down so I have just been searching Portland area recently.

There is probably an easier way, but I am not too computer savvy...just do the best I can:)

I am glad to know another Pac. NW person is out there...seems like I see mostly southern and mid-west bloggers. I will follow so I can keep up to date, you are hosting a fun blog. Hope you visit again soon!

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Sherri-

I get A Creative Mint in my Reader and yesterdays photos were just so pretty. I didn't have anything in mind to post so I just thought I would talk about her talent. I wish I could take photos like she does.

My best- Diane