Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Trip To Schuh Farms

"Let's stop at Schuh Farms and see if they have any fresh asparagus from eastern Washington" I say to Mr. B. on our way home from Mt. Vernon. This is one of our favorite spots as everything is always fresh and so beautifully displayed. It is open from April through October and finishes off with a big pumpkin patch for the children, tractor rides and all.
Here is the entrance area to the inside, later in the season there are so many things to choose from you can hardly move around outside.

There's my honey, he has spotted something and looks pretty serious about it. Oh yes, the tomatoes, he has decided that we need to get some today. He grows some very good looking tomatoes and wants to get an early start.

This is one of their nice displays, many of the pieces are for sale, you just never know what interesting vintage or unique items you'll see here.

Aren't these geraniums gorgeous? I almost got the hot pink ones but decided to wait, my window boxes really are not ready for flowers yet. Do you see Mr. B.'s basket of tomato plants?

All the herbs...everything you could want. I ended up getting two nice bushy Italian parsley and one well developed rosemary plant. There was a wide variety of mint but I have quite a few different kinds already.

A nice hanging basket and I see some chives behind it that I think should have come home with me...Oh well I can pick them up next time.

Here we are inside, it was a bit hard to take pictures as it is a small area and the place is popular so not very easy to move around but I managed a few shots for you all.

I see they still have their cute Easter tree up to share with us and some good looking pussy willow branches. (I could never bring myself to buy branches)
More produce artfully arranged. I love the smell in here, a mix of it all. (a sigh and a smile)

Oh that's right, here is the asparagus that we came here for in the first place. Those are some nice stalks and grown right here in our state. Nothing tastes better than local.
Off we go now with our loot. I hope you enjoyed our little field trip to the farm stand. Next time I will share with you more of our busy day....Mr. B. finally chose a spot for the beehives and got them settled in.


Floss said...

That looks like such a great place, Sherri! Lovely to see it through your eyes. We've been buying asparaus too - at the hospital of all places! There is an Edinburgh charity which sells fresh fruit and veg in the hospitals, to try to encourage healthy eating even when people can't get out to buy them. My dad and I had some lovely meals based on what we bought there.

Thanks so much for your kind wishes for my mum and the rest of us. She is very comfortable where she is at the moment and I'll be accompanying her to a radiotherapy sesson later this morning - I'm very glad I'm here.

Princess and the Pea said...

I love seeing home grown veg all bundeled up like that. The flowers are lovely. There aren't any flowers in our garden centre yet! Spring has not sprung here!

Floss, sorry to hear your mum is ill, I hope she feels better soon.