Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Garden Dreaming

Raised beds are the only way to go for us as our soil is so hard you can not get a shovel in more

than 2 inches. I always dream of my plants thriving like this lush garden but we have made mistakes in the past on the soil. This spring I am going to get the bags of really good, expensive soil. Last year we paid for a dump truck load (Not Kidding) of ' the best soil around' and had it unloaded by the garden. Mr. B. rented some earth moving contraption to bring it in to the garden then built and filled raised beds. The plants started out well but only the beets and carrots grew normally, the tomatoes did pretty good too but everything else stunted and withered up. So very disappointing. I think the soil mix was too sandy and the green beans (my favorite vegetable to grow) especially hated it and acted like I wasn't watering at all.

Enough of the negative talk and on to the beautiful healthy plants in our future summer garden.

Here are some pics. from the new May issue of Country Living that we can all have for our very own with proper planning and soil preparation.

Zucchini is a long time favorite.

Rainbow chard is easy to grow and the kids love it too.

Nasturtium is one flower that is easy and versatile as all is edible, leaves and flowers, and is a bright and peppery addition to any salad.

Cosmos, in some climates will even come back year after year from seed on its own.

Scarlet Runner is always popular for so many reasons. You can plant the seeds early, the vine is fast growing, sturdy and the beans are edible also. * * * * Make sure to cook the beans. Last year there was some talk of reactions to raw ones, nothing fatal but I never did find out the full story on any final report or findings. If anyone knows any more info on this I would love you to leave a comment and share with us. * * * Anyway they are delicious cooked, I kind of stew them for awhile.

May we all be blessed with a garden overflowing this summer....Happy garden dreaming


Princess and the Pea said...

Can anyone else see the face in picture number one?

I long for a beautiful garden but unfortunately mine has had 80 years of coal embers chucked out on it so there isn't a grain of useable soil in there! We need to get a big digger in to dig it all out and start again... and oh I had such plans for it when we moved in!

I hope you have more look Sherri! x

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi - yes I see it Princess and the pea!!

What lovely photos - thanks for the great inspiration- xxx