Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Senior Thrifting

Yesterday was girls day out with my mom. She's 81 yrs. young and loves a good thrifting hunt. Before I left in the morning to pick her up, I read Lola Nova's post and she mentioned a senior center thrift shop in the Hollywood district of Portland that she recently visited and shared some nice finds. Well....needless to say Mom and I headed over first thing. We found two shops there, a consignment shop that Lola spoke of and the small thrift shop in the back where I found my treasures. I am sorry to report that our day did not uncover any of my egg cups but this stop made my day.
Here is the group of goodies. I was happy to find the nice Aladdin widemouthed thermos for Mr. B. to take a hot dish in when he can't come home for lunch.

This is a precious handmade bowl with sweet little bluebirds stamped on the inside.

It is in great shape with no cracks or chips with mottled green and brown glaze. See how primitive it is, I just love it.

I was pleased to find these beauties to add to my growing collection of crochet doilies, potholders and etc....

All in all it was a nice day with stops at Goodwill and Salvation Army, not much at either of those, but nothing can beat the sweet Hollywood Senior Center , thanks Lola.

Tomorrow I head back up north again and Thursday there is to be another storm like the one last Friday that delayed our trip down here a day. I have been meaning to tell you all about the weather service web site if you don't already know. This is what I use all of the time to see from the radar if rain is coming so I know to hang the clothes out. Here is the web address that I use. nws.noaa.gov the page pops up and you put your zip code in and there is a wealth of info. Give it a try and fool around with the different radar loops and you can see things in motion so you can fancy yourself a weatherman just like I do.

I will say goodnight as I have an early start in the morning.


Floss said...

I'm always following our weather on the internet - that's what comes of hanging out your washing! Ours is indoors today, as it's very rainy.

I couldn't wait to hear how you'd got on at the Seniors centre, having read about it here and on Lola Nova. It just sounds great, and I love what you found. I am also crazy about the Country Living you sent me - I shall do a post about it soon.

Kami said...

Very cool Thermos! It reminds me of the Burberry print.

Maisey's Attic said...

Thank you so much for your comment today - I had a look at the dvd you mentioned, can't believe I've missed this.

I love all your buys, the handmade bowl is gorgeous! the bluebirds stamped on the inside is such a great idea. I am also a collector of doilis - love the way Dottie Angel includes them in her work.

I hadn't thought about looking at the weather on the internet! - will give it a try -

Wishing you a safe and happy trip - xxx