Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mr. B.s Hives

Did I hear applause and a sigh of relief? Yes, after months of deliberation, Mr. B. has found the perfect location for the hives and you are witnessing the laying of the cornerstone. He has done his homework, as he does with all projects, and is satisfied with this south facing but protected from the wind (large order as south wind is what is norm around here) location by a thick wild hedgerow.

Here we have the first one up and ready to go. Dad calls on Maggie to give him some advice on the placement of the second one as she is all wise in matters of this nature.
She is well pleased with how this one looks but states she should have been consulted on the first as its not level.
Mr. B. tells her that it must be that way so the rain runs off. She says there will be more things to worry about than rain when the entire hive is on its side. . . and so it goes, the great pitch of the hive roof debate.
She makes one final check of 'her hive' and concludes that it's at a perfect pitch and stable too.
Good job she thinks to herself with a slight smirk.
"Good luck with your hive Dad." she says with a sarcastic chuckle as she heads back home.
The final words. . . . . .
" I rest my case."
And so the bee story begins. I am looking forward to you joining us on the new adventure. What will be next? Will Mr. B. see the error of his crooked ways and admit Maggie was right? We will have to see.
Tomorrow afternoon we pick up the bees and get them all settled in. * To be continued *


Maisey's Attic said...

Love this post and look forward to following this story - Maggie has rather a wise looking face, so I wouldn't be surprised if she was right!
Hope you're having a good week - the weather today has been gorgeous - xxx

Princess and the Pea said...

Oh course Maggie is right, dogs always are on these matters.

Can't wait to see the bees - I love bees, I try and invite them into my garden as much as I can. x

Princess and the Pea said...

Something Mr B might be interested in:


Kami said...

Maggie has quite a snide little personality....LOL.