Friday, April 2, 2010

French Egg Cups

As promised I will share something out of the French magazine, le journal de la Maison that Floss sent and I have some little helpers to assist me....Lets see what they have chosen. What is this? Their pick is strangely enough French eggs cups. They were quite excited about several of them and are very proud that they used their eggs in the photo shoots.

They all agreed that this one with the gold is beautiful but a little to fancy for the country table.
The little one with the cabin on it was a hit as was the blue bird.

This one reminded them of when they were little chicks and felt that it indeed was the most practical and can serve the entire family.

The silver one is nice and the other one is perfect for the little children but they agreed with mom that the winner should be the one that really looks like it is from France so it has to be..

This beauty right here. Order it, order it they said but sadly I had to tell them I couldn't even tell how much it cost and there was no web site to be found so we would just be happy looking at all of the lovely things and dreaming of finding our own thrifted egg cups...and we will, the hunt will begin on our next excursion.

I must confess that I have loved egg cups since I was a child and I would spend the night at my grandparents and my grandmother would make me soft boiled eggs in the cup and finger toast to dip in the top of the egg. It is a comfort food and thought that I have forgotten about and seeing this in the magazine makes me realize I must get a group of my own to put on our breakfast table..The hunt will be fun and I we share with you when I find one.
We are leaving first thing in the morning so I will say Happy Easter to all and I will see you Monday.


Kami said...

Very pretty egg cups!! I do remember that you love them and your finger toast.

Maisey's Attic said...

Hi - loved looking at your photos - wishing you a very Happy Easter - xxx

Floss said...

I love the idea of you going on an egg cup hunt - please keep us posted! We have the unfortunate situatuion that Son 2 absolutely hates eggs, so we don't eat them very often...

It's lovely to see that page persented so well by your little chickens. If I remember rightly the egg cups were one-off collector's pieces, so your ladies will have to wait until you've made your own collection...

I cooked a recipe from your magazines yesterday! It's on today's blog post. Thanks so much.