Monday, August 23, 2010

Chilled Apples

We woke this morning to a chilly 42 degrees, Brr... there is a change in the air for sure. After I got Mr. B. off to work I had another cup of coffee, checked on new blog posts and went to let the chickens out to their front run. What an awesome morning, the sun was coming up and there was dew everywhere, I grabbed my camera to share some shots of our apples on our little tree.
Just looking at these pictures makes me want to take a big, crunchy bite out of one.
These apples are on the tree that Mr. B. caught on fire, remember that post?

As I said back then, it still produces nice fruit as you can well see.

I think we will officially name it "Mr. B.'s Fire Tree".
Here is a little treat to start your week off. Floss from Troc, Broc & Recup is having an International magazine swap.
I encourage you to join in the fun and swap magazines with someone that Floss will match you up with. Here are all of the details.
Have a happy Monday to all.


Lola Nova said...

Look at those beautiful apples!!! What a trooper Mr. B's Fire tree has turned out to be!
Lovely photos.

Floss said...

Thanks for the swap link - and for all your lovely comments recently that I've been too 'pressé' to respond to! Your apples look wonderful.

Princess and the Pea said...

Wow! They look delicious! Is that frost on them or just dew?

Sherri B. said...

Princess. It felt like it was cold enough for it to be frost but not quite yet.

Heather said...

Sherri, they look scrumptious and so healthy too. Ours have quite a lot of scab this year. What is your secret... Please don't tell me it's fire:)

ps. got over to Powell's today and picked up a copy of Putting Food By; can't wait to delve into it.

Sherri B. said...

Heather, it is not fire (how funny). I think it is just the type of tree. Our other tree has what we think may be apple rust (?) Winter before last we pruned that one hard and had beautiful apples, this year we didn't and we will get no good fruit at all. Maybe hard prunning is the answer.