Monday, April 15, 2013

A Bumper Crop Year?

This morning, with my final cup of coffee in hand, I decided to take a stroll around the yard and really examine how things are coming along.

Here, in what I call the 'septic' garden, everything is growing like mad, the fennel has never been this tall in mid April.

Here, the mint seems to joined by what looks to be must have self sown from last years plant.

My Hubby's Red Current bush is covered with blossoms.  Last year  there were only a few clusters, we looked forward to enjoying those little jewels but were disappointed to find that one morning they were cleaned right off...This time the bird netting will be coming out early!

I am noticing a pattern here.  The Asian Pear above, is also loaded with blossoms, it is three years old and we have yet to get one piece of fruit..perhaps this is the year.

Look at all of these flowers, the bees are all over it.  Our Italian Prune Plum tree has been here for 6 years and has only had a few blossoms before and a hand full of plums..The Mister has threatened if it doesn't produce this year it is gone (perhaps it heard him).

Even the wild fruits are heavy with blooms.  The Oregon Grape has never had even half this many flowers so there is a chance I may be able to get more than a few small jars of the treasured jelly.

I am wondering if this will be a bumper crop harvest this year.  Are any of you seeing the same thing in your area?  I'd love to hear about it.

Wishing you all a happy Monday and a good start to your week.  xo


Shine said...

Yep...everything is looking lovely in your neck of the woods:) Here in East TN, everything is behind! With winter hanging on for dear life, we were wondering if spring would ever come!!! has arrived and beautiful....just as we were promised it would be:)) Will enjoy every moment of it, as summer here is not quite so much fun....:P
Have a blessed evening!! Shine

Lola Nova said...

everything is blooming like mad here as well! Looks like you might get to enjoy the fruits of your labor this year!

Alison said...

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that all your flowers turn into fruit and that the wildlife doesn't get to it all.

E.lizabeth said...

wow, those blooms are gorgeous. so lovely. enjoy your week. we had rain today. lots of leaves are popping out. lots of blooms. love spring. ( :

Lynn said...

I hope you do have that banner year! Things are just beginning to bloom here in Philly, but the things that are blooming seem a little light so far:@)

vintage grey said...

So beautiful and looks like it was a wonderful day to enjoy outside! Wishing you a sweet week! xo Heather

Chris at Red Gate Farm said...

Got my fingers crossed for your bumper crop... and mine ;)


Stephanie said...

Oh how lovely! Your pictures were very enjoyable to look at and had me wishing there were things blooming here, but alas, we have gotten 12 inches of snow today and it's still coming down :) Thanks for sharing, sweet friend!

Hugs to you,

Lap Dog Knits said...

I have hopes and plans for a bumper crop but first I need the extra dogs out of my yard...soon my son and family will be moving into a place of their own and our little house will recover from the extra paws and poo from the past six months...if not,,,I'll be the best customer at the weekly farmers market

ted and bunny said...

nope...all I'm seeing is puddles and more puddles of rain...(I'm no where NEAR as miz as that comment sounds!!)

Katiebee said...

oh i'm hoping for bumper crops! very few blooms of any around here but our weather is warming a bit so i expect those blooms to start popping!

happy tuesday my friend~


Sherry said...

That's amazing. It must be much colder where I am because even the mint is still just straggling along.

Paula said...

Still too cold here, although my rhubarb is coming up like gangbusters!

Connie said...

Your garden is lovely . . . looks like it is going to be a bumper crop year for you. I did not know that you could make jelly from Oregon grapes, I always thought that they were just ornamental. I'll have to look for it, I would really like to try it :) I'm so happy for you . . . gardening can be so much fun :)
Have a wonderful week.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Unknown said...

One thing about living here is that there are loads and load of plants blossoming that I have yet to identify. So, according to your photo, it looks like we might have a red currant bush blossoming too! That's exciting. Also, I didn't know you could eat Oregon Grape (I know, I know... I guess I've had my head buried in the sand). Our neighbors, who are in the midst of selling their house, have loads of Oregon Grape along our fence line. Perhaps if the house is still unoccupied by the time they're ready, I can pick some and try it myself. What recipe do you use?