Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This and That

Hello friends and happy midweek. I hope you all had a delightful Easter as we did. Of course I could show you all of the photos of our most adorable grandchildren in their special outfits, but will spare you from that excitement.

Here is a very small section of the vast fields of daffodils in our Skagit Valley, so beautiful.  The tulip fields will be next..I'll try to get some pictures of those too in a few weeks.

This next bit of info will really get you hot under the collar...Well, it did me when I went to make a pineapple upside down cake this weekend..Please don't judge me too harshly for using the dreaded 'mix'.  Anyway, I got the butter and the brown sugar on the bottom of the glass baker and distributed the pineapple on top and then poured the cake batter over it all, as I've done many times in my life but this time it didn't cover the pineapple up.  I thought it strange but didn't have time to fuss about it.  When it came out of the oven it was really quite flat, usually it is all the way to the top of the glass container...I told hubby and he said, maybe they are cheating you by making the contents less, kind of like the cereal boxes.  Well,  being the unorganized person that I am, I thought perhaps I have a really outdated cake mix in the back of the pantry so off I went to dig.  Yeah, there it was and the exact same cake mix, with one 'major' exception!!

The one on the left is the package used this weekend and the one on the right is our friend from the back of the pantry.  You are waiting for the date on that package, aren't you?  "Better if used by April '09 !!

Above, is the weight of the mix from the weekend.

Above is the weight of the box from 2009 !

Can you even believe it?!  3 full ounces difference..are they crazy doing that,  no wonder my cake was flat.

Have any of you had an experience with smaller cakes?

Here is a...What is it?

It is 12" tall and the seat is 14" across and 8" deep and 4" off of the ground.

The Red Door Thrift didn't know what it was.  My first reaction was that it is some kind of primitive kneeling, prayer bench, perhaps for a child.

It is hand made for sure and very appears to be old.

I would love to find out what it is for sure, but it would be fun to hear your guesses also.

The sun is still out at the Little House, so I'm off to the clothesline to hang out a few more things before the rain comes back tomorrow.



Lynn said...

They're cutting back on everything, what's coffee, 11 ounces these days? Such a shame for something as exact as baking though. The daffs are amazing and no idea about the chair:@)

E.lizabeth said...

wow, that is shocking about the cake mixes. i wonder??!! i notice they were doing it to many things. what will be next. i was going to buy bacon the other week for a recipe & it was about $7.00 (that was cheaper brand) & i decided to do without. which really stinks for us the consumer or customer. yuck!!

those daffodils are amazing!! gorgeous! ( :

vintage grey said...

Oh my! Instead of raising prices, they are cutting back on amount. Cute chair! Wonder what it could have been used for! Hope you week is lovely Sherri! xo Heather

prince snow farm said...

That's crazy! I was thinking prayer bench too....or shoe shine bench!

wendy said...

I LOVE LOVE that daffodil field. How glorious would that be. Then for the tulips to come soon, I'd be in heaven.
Gosh, I better start paying attention to my "boxes" of cooking products too.

ted and bunny said...

your poor upside down cake!
I made a swiss roll that didn't roll- it didn't even rise to the middle of the tin, I think I forgot to put something in the batter but I still can't work out what I omitted.
Even the chickens wouldn't eat it so it must've been BAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

Michelle said...

Sad that food items are tricking us like this! Love the chair. If you find out its use, let us know!

Lynn Proctor said...

i would think it is some kind of child's ceremonial seat too---very lovely---omy--that is an old cake---and it's funny cause everyone is always saying how we are getting less these days----i would have loved to see the grand-kids in their adorable Easter out-fits--maybe tomorrow--letter e :)

Unknown said...

Oh! My Gosh! I have noticed this tactic quite a bit. They just make stuff smaller and keep the price the same. What a jip! :(

That little bench is cool. It looks like it is from the middle east somewhere.


Paula said...

Huh! "I blame the government" (my favorite quote from one of my favorite movies, Truly, Madly, Deeply)!

Really, I would write a letter to the company and complain.

The daffodils are lovely - you are so lucky to live close by where you can see such beauty! I have seen photos of the Skagit Valley tulip fields. They are so stunning!

Lori P said...

Hahaha - I love to read your blog. Makes me smile every darn time.

I think it's a really cool kneeler. My .02

camp and cottage living said...

It does look like a kneeling bench-how sweet.
Oh, I have noticed cereal boxes containing less now, but cake mixes
Did they change the recommended baking dish size? They should!

Florida Farm Girl said...

Oh, yes, I've noticed. Have you seen graham crackers lately? They're much smaller and there's two less in each pack in the box.

And don't even get me started on toilet paper!!!! Narrow and loosely rolled.

Sandra said...

What on earth??? I hadn't even noticed that with the cake mixes. I think I'll stick to homemade mixes instead of the boxed. But now I'm curious and will have to go look at my boxes in the pantry lol

The daffodils are GORGEOUS. Beautiful picture :)

Have a wonderful Friday :)

Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing about the cake mix. They must've thought they could sneak that right under the radar.

I love that bench! It's gorgeous.