Friday, April 5, 2013

Fresh Cut Friday

Friday, glorious this week has flown by!  Today, I am taking part in something I have wanted to do for awhile now.  Liz, over at Rose Vignettes, hosts a once a month hop..Fresh Cut Friday.  It is held on the first Friday of the month and is a way to encourage all of us to bring the beauty of flowers into our homes.

Ever since I did my post on the Eternal Bouquet (here), I have kept at least one arrangement has worked out better than expected.

In the past, I hesitated to join in on this hop because of poor lighting and my lack of floral arranging abilities, but Liz assures us that it is a simple time of sharing and so I pushed the fear aside.

It is a treat now, when I go into the market, to check out the little bundles of color and see the new offerings and perhaps a special price too.  When I come home with a new addition for the vase, I go through and remove the tired ones, replace the water, trim the ends of the old and new and plop them all together.  The little flowers above have been in the arrangement '3' times now...pretty good, I'd say!

These are the new addition from yesterday, aren't they pretty?  I was surprised when I got them home because I thought that there where two different flowers in the mix...this one and the other purple flowers, but no..when I took the bundle apart, I found that they were on the same stem.  Amazing that this cream colored flower turns all purple in the end, I still can't see how it will happen but we will have to wait and see.

If you would like to join in or just see every ones contributions, you can head over to Rose Vignettes.

Today is a happy day here at the Little House, this is the Mr.'s last day at the BP project up north.  No more 1 hr. commute (each way) no more getting up at 4:30, no more packing meals 5 to 6 days a week...Sigh. It has been a long haul.   He will have 9 days off and then on the 15th will start a new project at the Shell refinery right across the highway..5 minutes away.  I will love him coming home for lunch everyday and having Friday, Sat. and Sunday off.   It will be very nice.

Well my friends, I wish you all a happy weekend, do you have anything special planned or maybe just some restful home time?

See you Monday.   xo


Alison said...

Very pretty! I love fresh flowers, but I seldom bring them into the house, either from the garden or from the grocery store. One of my cats can't resist playing with them, and I've had more than one big spill in the past from them being knocked over. But this is a tempting blog party, maybe I could chance it once a month.

Glad your Mr. is going to be working so close to home now.

camp and cottage living said...

I think your flower arranging is great! Those purples are so pretty.
I do see just a tinge of purple on the white flower. It will be neat to see it morph entirely into the color purple.
Good news that your hubby is going to be closer to home.

Lynne said...

Your images are truly BEAUTIFUL today!
I am so pleased to learn of Liz at Rose Vignettes!

My dear's almost tulip time!
Stay dry this weekend!

Lynn said...

Your flowers are very pretty, how fun that you've been keeping the bouquet going! Congrats on your hubby being able to work closer to home, I know how nice that is! Happy Weekend:@)

vintage grey said...

Gorgeous flowers and I love the sweet pink doily, too! Wishing you a wonderful and beautiful weekend! xo Heather

Michelle said...

What a wonderful idea. Love the purples here in your shots.

E.lizabeth said...

i love the colors. so gorgeous. i enjoy any sorts of flowers. just something to uplift your mood. have a great weekend. ( :

Kami said...

Pretty! I always drool over the Costco fresh flowers for sale, but rarely do I purchase them, because I feel like I'm taking away from the kids' college fund or I buy them on my birthday for a treat :)

Delvalina said...

They look beautiful my friend, I love how you mix the color. It looks stunning and you inspired ladies here :)

anyway the photograph are good too!


Heather said...

Bravo Sherri! So pretty... I have so many flowers outside, but I still have a hard time cutting any to bring in. And then, when I'm at the store I can't justify buying any there either.

I think I just need to cut a few and bring them in. Thanks for your lovely inspiration!

Unknown said...

That is a WONDERFUL idea! I wish I'd of thought of it. An eternal bouquet! I might just have to copy you!!! Thank you so much for sharing it at Fresh-Cut Friday!
That is great news about the Mr. I work close to home but my Mr. has to drive 25 minutes both ways everyday. He hates it! I think your Mr. will be so happy to not have to do that. :)

Thanks again for joining in! Have a great weekend!

Paula said...

I would love to see some fresh is SNOWING here again, after two beautiful, warmish, but windy days.

Your flowers are lovely!

Stephanie said...

Hello sweet Sherri,

Your flowers are just lovely and they certainly brightened my day :) Thank you for sharing, dear friend!

Hugs to you,

Vintage Home said...

HI Sherri,
What a pretty bouquet! It looks great with the doily and the vase collar!
It is the best when a deal is pretty.
Happy your hubs is close to home again!
Thinking of you and hoping for more of that sun we got last weekend!

Gayle said...

How lovely Sherri. I think having fresh flowers in the home is so important. It motivates me to keep things tidy and neat and lifts us all up. My Easter flowers are on their way out and I need to get some soon.We have pouring rain this weekend so we are being rather lazy. It will be wonderful for you to have your husband home more.

Anonymous said...

Floral arrangement are always so lovely. I truly love flowers of all kinds.

Congratulations to your husband on being able to obtain a job closer to the homestead. I'm sure this will be a blessing for your whole family.


Lynn Proctor said...

that's great your husband will be closer!! such wonderful colors--love em :)

Unknown said...

I love your bouquet! I actually started one of my own, but then got lazy about replacing the flowers. Still, I'd like to get one properly going.

So nice that your husband gets to be home more with you now. :)