Monday, April 29, 2013

This and That 2

Try, try again. I had to delete this post earlier do to computer problems..Hopefully I have found a temporary fix. This will be a condensed version.

There has been progress on the garden.  I took the mower to the thistles and will cover between raised beds with the ground fabric and then cover all with straw.

I do hope my friends with knowledge of all things 'yarn' will help identify this pattern of the pretty throw that I found at the thrift last week.  Can anyone tell me about this pattern?

Today is my birthday and my sweet hubby bought me this new diamond non stick pan made in Germany..Can't wait to give it a try.

Jack the dog overheard me saying that I wanted the ice cream scoop to make cupcakes and muffins and so he saved up his allowance and got it for me..bless his heart.

The timer was a bonus as my old one gave it up awhile back. I sure do like the features on this kind.

Please do let me know about the crochet throw if you have any info.

See you soon.  xo


E.lizabeth said...

gardens beds are looking so cleaned up. nice!! love the gifts. i love playing in the kitchen. so fun!! enjoy! i hope what you figured out will work for the blog/computer issues. ( :

Teri said...

Hi nice to see that you were able to post again! Such lovely birthday gifts! I love gifts for my kitchen! It is always so nice to tend to our yard and gardens and to get them all spruced up! Happy Birthday ... have a wonderful evening! Hugs ♥ Teri

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to a beautiful and sweet lady! I hope your day has been full of blessings :)

Your garden beds are looking wonderful and the blanket is very pretty. I'm sorry I can't help you with the pattern - I have no knowledge when it comes to crocheting and knitting.

Love and hugs to you, birthday girl :)

flwrjane said...

Happy Birthday.New kitchen implements, perfect gift. Hope you got to use the ice cream scoop!

xo jane

Miss Holly said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! I love kitchen gifts!! How nice ..I hope your doing something nice for you!!!
I've never seen that pattern but I sure would like to figure it out!!!! Maybe you could show a few more pictures....on both sides!! I love it!!!
Again Happy Day !!!

vintage grey said...

Glad you got it working!! And, I hope that you have had a lovely birthday Sherri!! It is so pretty there!! Happy gardening and Happy Birthday! I have never seen that that pattern before but it looks knitted and maybe some zig zag or skinny chevron stripe pattern. It is pretty and colorful! xo Heather

Lynne said...

Happy Birthday, Sherri B!

I too love gifts for the kitchen!

Hasn't it been nice to go outside?
I must admit, Mr D and I had to hit the Ibuprofen on Sunday morning. The first clean and clear after winter is not as easy at age 60. It's a good workout!

I am happy to see that you worked through the computer issues. It's always so time consuming!

Have a great week!

camp and cottage living said...

So nice you're getting into those garden beds!
Happy Belated B'day!
I know you'll put your cooking gifts to great use!

wendy said...

Well. I'd say it is the ZigZag stitch (tee, hee...I don't crochet)
It's amazing the amount of work that needs to go into gardens, yards etc. We have a TON to do this year.
I am just hoping and waiting for the weather to warm up.
You'll have to show up the FIRST thing you cooked up in that new pan

Paula said...

Happy Birthday Sherri! I hope you had a wonderful day! I love getting new kitchen stuff!

Happy Birthday, and happy gardening!

Unknown said...

Your garden is looking nice! Hope you had a lovely birthday. I'm not sure about the blanket, but if I had to guess, I'd say it was a simple chevron pattern done with variegated yarn. Love the fringe!