Saturday, July 31, 2010

Lola Nova's Entry

Lola Nova - Whatever Lola Wants

To me, seeing cookbooks in a home like this, gives me the same calm, serene feeling that I get when I see clothes on a line. What is that all about? I have pondered it many a time, and believe it may be that, at that very moment, all is well with the world. . . .In our minds eye, we see Lola Nova go to her shelf and choose a book that she will use to express her love for the people she is about to serve. . .Is there anything better in life?
Lola sent in her photo, promptly, last night. She stated that this is just one of several places that they house their cookbooks. There are also 2 other large bookshelves elsewhere.
Sherri B.: Well Lola, what cookbook will you choose if you win?
Lola: I would love that Barefoot Contessa, Back to Basics book.
Sherri B.: You do not have to choose a book off of the pile in my photo, that was just a few of my books to show you. My fault, I should have been more clear about that...So you can choose whatever you want.
Lola: Thanks for the clarification, silly me. I actually almost bought the Barefoot Contessa one before. . .but. . .if I can pick any. . . maybe. . . Last years "Gourmet Today". . . or this one sounds interesting, "Savory Baking, by Mary Cech". . . Really there are too many to know!
Sherri B.: Not to fear, there will be plenty of time to ponder this...I think it will not hurt a thing if the winner changes their mind.
So we see Lola Nova has several on her wish list. This makes it that much more interesting so you all are invited to do the same.
Don't forget to get your entries in as you would not want to miss out on this. Details on contest are here.


Lola Nova said...

Ha, looking at the picture I realize we have a lot of vegetarian cook books, though we are not vegetarian.
I love how you describe the feeling you get when looking at a shelf of cook books!

Sherri B. said...

Thank you Lola Nova for sending in your photo and letting us get a glimpse of some of your cookbooks.
I too have quite a few of the vegetarian selections and find most of them very helpful when I need inspiration, especially the old standbys.

Heather said...

I see that a lot of photos have the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook... am I missing out on a great one?

Thanks for sharing:)