Friday, July 23, 2010

Goldie Goes To The Top

" Mr. Brooster, I have an appointment with you, sir."
"Yes Goldie, I see that you do. This is highly unusual as you girls are to use the proper pecking order and Bertha should be tending to any hen house matters. Please explain."
"Well sir, I did go to Bertha about the other hens not letting me back into the flock after my injury and she just chased me off in the direction of the others and let them go after me, I even thought I heard her cackling."....."Oh no, here she comes, I must go hide."

"Goldie, come back, it is alright."
"No, I am staying away."

"Bertha, I need to have a word with you. I am hearing some disturbing reports."
"What reports, I don't know of anything disturbing."
"I think you do, little Goldie claims that she is being treated poorly and is not being allowed back into the flock."
"There isn't any problems, she is just making this up because she wants attention."
"Why aren't you looking me in the eye Bertha?"
"I am busy scratching bugs up for Goldie to eat, yeah, that's it, I am getting food for Goldie, see I am taking care of her."
" If that is so then why is Goldie hiding from you over there, can you explain that?"

"That little blonde snot."
"What did you say Bertha?" "Are you going to take care of this problem?"
"There is no problem, I told you that. That's my story and I'm sticking to it."
What will happen to Goldie? Will she ever get back into the flock or will we find that there is some underlying reason that Bertha doesn't want Goldie around? How long will the people be able to have her in the dog carrier in the living room but more important how long will she fit in the makeshift coop?...To be continued.
Wishing you all a joy filled weekend.


Debby said...

Poor Goldie. I don't have chickens, well I have some concrete ones, so I don't have advice. Hope someone does. I don't like that the others are putting Goldie in the corner.
Nobody puts Baby Goldie in the corner.

Heather said...

Sherri, you are funny! I love this As the Coop Turns... I'm hooked;) And your leading man is so handsome.

Poor Goldie!

Debby said...

Me again. I am trying to answer those that left comments on my job searching. I believe as you say about in home care. I don't know what will happen. We will see.....thanks.

Michelle said...

Poor Goldie, she looks so pale over this whole ordeal. My six chicks are heading into their tough time of the transition from brooder to coop, and the other hens aren't pleased. Keep us posted on Goldie's journey.

And Goldie...keep your chin up, girl!

Auntie Baggie

ted and bunny said...

hiya- thanks for your lovely comments,
very much appreciated.
ave a lovely weekend

ted and bunny said...

no- it wasn't some sort of Dorset countryside slang, it should read HAVE a lovely weekend!

Valerie said...

Love the story! I am an ongoing reader. Love your blog!


Maisey's Attic said...

Hi this post...made me smile...Hope you had a good weekend, and that all is well with your grandson (still in my prayers)...

Floss said...

Oh dear, I'm worried now! I think I take these things too much to heart - I hope we hear good news soon. Son 1's lovely dog Raja is under the weather (ultrasound to see what on earth she's swallowed and what to do about it tomorrow) so perhaps I am oversensitive to animals in need at the moment...

Lola Nova said...

Oh my, I do hope it will all get sorted soon, Goldie has already been through so much.