Friday, July 30, 2010

Choose Your Cookbook Giveway

My love affair with cookbooks is no secret and I am not ashamed. I will continue to collect them whether I need them or not and if necessary I will move to a larger home to house them. There is something else I must confess....I love to see which cookbooks others own. When I see kitchen shots in magazines, I will squint to read the titles of cookbooks on shelves and have been known to get out the faithful jewelers loop to take a closer look (this is beginning to sound like an illness). So now on to the giveaway...I want to see your cookbooks and in order to do that I am bribing you with a new cookbook of your choice if you win.
I just pulled down a few of my collection to give you an example of how simple this will be. It is not a photo contest of any sort but a glimpse at what kind of cookbooks you own. These can be a few of your favorite, well used ones, or a shot of a bookcase full of ones you just like to look at. In a nutshell, it is about what you like for whatever reason.
Contest Rules
Take a photo of the cookbooks you want to share.
Email it to me with a comment about your photo and the title and author of "Any" new cookbook you want if you win.
Contest starts today, July 30th.
Photos must be in by August 12th.
Winner announced Friday August 13th.
Looking forward to your entries....Have a wonderful weekend .


Princess and the Pea said...

Ooooh lovely giveaway Sherri! As soon as it stops raining and we get some decent light I'll take a photo of my VAST collection! I think my addiction may be on a parr with yours - I have over 30 I'm sure! The weight of them has twice broken the shelf they live on!

LOVE your wallpaper!

Kat x

Kami said...

Ooh - I can't wait to take a picture and ponder what cookbook I want that I don't already have!! Jamie Oliver comes to mind...

Lola Nova said...

Going to email you now! Thanks for the fun!

Finnskimo said...

I have a similar illness, and guess what, you can get Cookbooks on Kindle now! :) yay. My husband calls it a disease, but at least I'm not collecting spoons!

Joan said...

I took a pix of a few of my over 2000 collection. As soon as I can get it to download (have some computer issues) I'll mail the phot to you.

Finnskimo said...

I just counted the ones in my living room and kitchen, and the total is at 79 so far... uh oh...

Life in Rehab said...

We had a fire one year ago that turned our lives upside down. A good portion of our possessions, including our cookbooks, is in a pod in the yard still until we finish reconstruction. In fact, I bought my husband, our chef, a cook book not long ago to tide him over until we can get to our collection, so please forgive my submission sans photo. On lone book is not too impressive.