Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sixth Recipe Entry

How about this for the main meal? Kat of Princess And The Pea created this hearty dinner menu from scratch and out of her own cute little head. Head over to The Kitchen Calls for details . Please join in the fun and enter any of your favorites. This is not a competition of cooking skills so don't feel intimidated, it really is about all of us sharing. Here's the info.
Happy C & B. ::

I had to share this sweet birdhouse with you. It looks like a child may have decorated the side with a little window with a window box.

It appears to have been around for quite some time and as I shot this there looks to be some 'interior decorating' going on...we will keep an eye on it and perhaps get a sneak look at little beaks in the future.
Have a nice Tuesday.


Floss said...

I'll pop over and check out the new recipe - and that bird house is so cute! We have lots of nesting going on here now, and I was scolded by a parent nightingale (not the usual pleasant sounds) when I got to close to its baby the other day!

ted and bunny said...

just love the birdhouse- off to check out the recipe