Friday, May 28, 2010

Flood Patrol

"Mom, Dad, help.... we are drowning out here, can you give us a hand?"

"What do you think we are, ducks?"

"I don't even know how to dog paddle.

"Here comes Dad, he will save us."

"Thanks for coming Dad, the girls were starting to flip out, you saved the day."

"That should take care of it buddy, you can tell the girls they can relax now."
"Honey, help I am drowning out here.

"That should take care of it, you can relax now."

Mr B. , He knows how to make all the chicks happy.
Hope your weekend is a dry one.


Kami said...

I like that Pa is like Mr. Wilson - you never really see his face. Great flood patrol, too.

Princess and the Pea said...

Oh bless. I love your chickens! We're having a wet one here too. All I can hear is a constant swishing outside of the cars going through the puddles. I want to go food shopping but don't want to get my feet wet!

Dawn said...

Theres not many things more tragic looking than a wet hen is there!

ted and bunny said...

oh I just LOVE that!
We're having a wet weekend here too.
The hens spent the day under the hedge, I spent the day indoors, Bruce the Horse had a waterproof rug and hood on. . .and it's supposed to be summer!