Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Third Recipe Entry

Very Traditional British Spotted Dick
What a treat we have today. Floss, from the lovely blog, Troc, Broc, and Recup has sent in this very British recipe for her #1 son. He recently prepared the pudding and here is the photo to prove it. Good job son #1 and thank you for the entry....we are proud to have a nice young man cooking with us.
Thank you Floss for being such a good Mum and sharing this with all of us.
This recipe has come with both measurements so we can all understand and make it if we like..I am working on a conversion chart and will have it on the new food blog in the near future as we will need it to share our recipes back and forth across the pond.
Very Traditional British Spotted Dick A pudding for 4-6 people
225g/half pound of self-raising flour
quarter teaspoon salt
75g/3oz/shredded suet (you can buy vegetarian, or even substitute butter or margarine)
75g/3oz sugar
100175g/ 6oz currants (but we used raisins)
150ml/quarter pint milk (or milk and water mixed)
caster sugar for dusting
In a bowl, sieve the flour and salt together and stir in the sugar, suet and currants. Mix to a soft consistency with the liquid. Shape on a flowered board into a roll. Have ready a large saucepan of boiling water and a floured cloth. Wrap the suet pastry in a well-greased piece of greaseproof* paper, then in the cloth, tying both the ends with string but leaving enough room for the pudding to expand during cooking.
Lower the pudding into the boiling water and allow to simmer gently for one and a half hours - top up with more boiling water if necessary, but do not let the water go off the simmer.
Unwrap carefully and serve in slices with a sprinkling of sugar and a white sauce or vanilla custard.
* greaseproof paper = wax paper


Floss said...

Thank you for posting this so promptly! My trick with spacing is to put a letter into each line where you want a space, and colour it to the same colour as the background. Just a cheat, but it works...

ted and bunny said...

I hope you served this up with very British custard, as is the tradition here!

Sherri B. said...

ted and bunny, I have not made it yet but when I do there will be British custard with it. Thank you for your suggestion, this is the very reason for the new blog The Kitchen Calls, so we can share thoughts and ideas with each other just as you have in this comment.