Monday, August 6, 2012

This And That

Hello friends..happy Monday! I hope you all had a pleasant weekend and are all rested and ready for a new week.

 When I got home on Friday, I found a package from Lynn who has the fun and informative blog, Happier Than a Pig in Mud. She had a giveaway and I won..yeah!

I had entered in hopes of winning the fabric ornament because we happen to have one that looks very similar in our collection, except, ours doesn't have Santa on it.  Along with it, Lynn tucked in a cute Piggy bag clip, which will help keep me in line when I reach for 'the bag'...Ha!  Thanks for a fun package Lynn!

I have a very happy report to share.  Most of you know that we recently had a rough patch in the family, with our daughter Kami, becoming very ill while pregnant with her 4th child and shortly after giving birth, being diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma.  Well, she went through all of the treatment like a trooper and finished up the first part of April.  All scans and lab done since then have come out great and she is getting stronger and gaining weight.

She is so strong that the entire family loaded the pickup and came up to our neck of the woods for a 5 day camping trip on Lopez Island...right next to Fidalgo Island where the Little House is.

We escorted them to the ferry yesterday morning and were so happy to have a good weather report for the sailing trip.

Here is the Instagram that Kami took so Grandma and Grandpa could see those happy faces.

And here we have...Healthy baby and healthy Mom...We are truly blessed.

I have a busy week ahead.  The Mister, seeing my frustration with not being able to make a dent in my studio  or Shed organization, decided we should get a storage unit, after all, there is only so much room you can carve out of a 760 sq. ft. house!  This will also free up space in the garage for him and future projects he wishes to do....I am a very happy girl, yes indeed!

So you know what I will be up to..How about you all, anything special you have planned for the week?

Off I go to get started, see you Wednesday for the Blog Share.   xo


Debby said...

What a beautiful picture of the healthy family. It brought tears to my eyes knowing what you have been through. God is good.
Anxious to see what you do with your new space.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your win! Hooray. :)

You have a beautiful family.

Paula said...

What a din surprise for you to come home to! Your daughter is beautiful - I'm so happy for her (and you)!

I am in Seattle for the day, then on to Portland for a big family party!

Karen said...

So nice to see your girl healthy and the entire family having such a good time !!

Lynn said...

So nice to see everyone happy on vacation and having fun! Thanks for the shout out, have a great week:@)

Dorothy said...

Yay,for the happy, healthy family!!!
You will have fun getting the Shed fixed up and the extra storage house will give you more room, too!

vintage grey said...

Hi Sherri! What fun goodies you won!! Praise the Lord your sweet daughter is doing better!! Such a blessing! I am working on several projects, and trying to stay col, it has been so hot today!! Have a lovely day! xo Heather

Katiebee said...

So happy to hear Kami is doing well! What a beautiful family! Congrats on your win~ what a fun package to receive!



Michelle said...

I hope all continues to be well with your daughter and her lovely family!

Michelle said...

How fun to win a giveaway! I love the ornament. Does the pig baggy clip "oink" when you open it?

Love the pictures of the kiddos on the ferry. I sure hope they have a great camping trip!

Lori P said...

What beautiful photos! So glad to see you had this time and that your daughter is doing so well!! A gift indeed.