Monday, August 20, 2012

Car Meltdown and The Trip Through Hell

Hello friends and happy Monday. It is good to be back this morning, I have missed my blog and you all during the break and will enjoy catching up with everyone.

I'm sure you are wondering about the Title and would like to hear all about my recent trip to the "Hot Place"! Get a cool cloth and I will tell the condensed version of the event.

I show this photo to remind myself that all is well now and I am safe at the City House.

The story starts Friday at noon.  The car was packed and gassed up with a new oil change and good report from the Auto mechanics....all was well and off we went.

We knew it was to be hot, actually in  the low 90's and perhaps hotter closer to Portland.  I was not worried  though, as the car has always handled running the air-condition very well with no over heating.

I am sure you have all been in those rush hour traffic jams where you are just letting your food off of the gas and idling, then back on brake.  I bet you have never done that for 3 HOURS...!!!!

My eyes where glued to  the bumper of the car in front of me and my temperature gauge.  If it were just me in the car I would have rolled down the windows and suffered, but I had the two dogs and with both of them getting up in years, well, that was not an option.

When the gauge would go above 200 degrees I would turn off AC until it went down again and when we stopped all together, I would have to put it in neutral and give it gas.

The last two hours weren't as bad but the car was so hot by then that the car didn't cool down that much.  I was almost to my exit when the temperature gauge started climbing fast.....not a good sign.  So, I had to roll down the windows and turn on the Heater, yes, but I had no choice.....Well, that kind of worked for a few minutes, air started coming out of the heater.....that, my friends, is never a good sign.

The gauge was heading to the danger zone, I was almost to my exit and I prayed "Lord, please let me get off of the freeway and please let that light be green so I don't have to stop".  I might add, that the light has Never been green before....It was green this time and I took the left on to the Expressway and prayed again. "Lord, please let me get to that next light and be able to turn off and get to some shade."  At that, a burst of heat, came out of the vents the light turned green I made a right turn and there was a service station with shade...My warning light on the dash (check gauges) came on as I turned in and pulled into the shady spot and turned off the car...."Thank you Lord"!

People in the Mini Mart were there to help, my daughter-in-law came and got the dogs while I waited for  the tow truck. My sweet hubby drove down that night after putting in a long days work.

It ended up being the radiator....I guess they can only take so much heat and then they give up.  So it is now having a radiator transplant and hopefully will be good as new...Note to self.....Don't do this again!!! 

To celebrate our safe arrival and answered prayer (thank you Lord) and that also because you were all so good to sit through this long, hot, story, I will be giving one of you a years subscription to Country Living magazine.  Just leave a mention in your comment and I will announce on Wednesday....I will have to limit this offer to my U.S. readers only.

I will be getting around to visit all of you soon to see what you have been up to.  Have a great Monday!



Debby said...

That is just terrible. Not much you could do with the dogs in the car. I liked that your car was getting a transplant. Glad you ae safe and at home.
Once my husband spent 8 hours on 70 due to ice. Most was just sitting. Cold, hungry and ready to be home.....not fun either.

Gypsy Heart said...

Wow! I feel for you. I had so many problems with my old car...the last time I was stranded I had 2 dogs with me and it was in the triple digits. God was watching over me though...I barely made it to my daughter's house, pulled up to park and the car died. That was it! At least I was there and could get the dogs inside before calling the tow truck. Spent a ton of $$$ on that car so sold it and got another.

So glad you had help and that your hubby came to assist. Means so much at times like that, right?

Country Living is a favorite of mine! Thanks for the opportunity.


Jennie said...

Oh how miserable! I'm glad at least that you got green lights and a shady spot. BTW, I'd love a subscription!

Lynn said...

Not a fun trip at all! So glad you safely made it off the freeway. My son always says the day the A/C breaks is the day his car is 'totaled'. Hope you get a working car back soon:@)

momto8 said...

welcome back! and problems STINK! but then, they are just car problems....we had one car that had a radiator leak and we had to carry water with us everywhere we went...I do not miss those days!!
would love to win your fun give away!!

Lola Nova said...

Oh good gravy! I have had trips like that and it is enough to give you fits, not to mention your muscles must have been sore for days with all that tension! Just so glad to hear that you are safe.

Such a wonderful photo too!

You are so generous to offer the magazine gift! I love the cover of that issue!

Take care dear!

Dorothy said...

It's awful being stopped that long in a traffic jam on such a hot day!! Glad you survived!
I enjoy the Country Living magazine. Someone gave me a subscription to it.

vintage grey said...

Oh my what a car ride!! So happy that you were able to get off safely. The Lord was definitely watching over you! Wishing you a lovely week! xo Heather

Michelle said...

So sorry to hear about your car. We all have those hideous moments in life. Glad you are safe! BTW...I also have a subscription, so count me out on that!

Lap Dog Knits said...

I just love a good story where requests are asked...and yes...

I have been enjoying that issue of Country Living..I have a subscription and I'm sure one of your many readers will be pleased as punch to receive your thoughtful gift..
glad to hear you are home safe and sound...and with a story to boot!!

ted and bunny said...

a real life trip "on a wing and a prayer"
Relieved that you're safe and sound

Karen said...

We can always find God there for us in the most dire (and not so dire too) circumstances !!
Glad you and your furkids made it safe and sound...

p.s. I just my new issue of Country Living in the mail but haven't got to go thru it yet but I am crazy for that colour green !! ;-]

Leigh said...

Sherri, whew. Alls well that ends well, but don't you hate "adventure" like this!

I have to say I'm one of your readers who doesn't have a subscription to Country Living. From the looks of that delightful cover, I think I'd enjoy it though. Please enter me!

Lynn Proctor said...

wow--so glad you made it back--God was watching you, huh!!

Katiebee said...

What a trip! Glad you made it safe & sound~ Oh the power of prayer! Love country living magazine, so sweet of you to gift it to a lucky winner~ wishing you a wonderful week~



Paula said...

We have been having trouble with our car as well (coolant leak), and will be having it repaired this fall with our Permanent Fund Dividend. We don't have problems with hot weather, but the car definitely overheats if there isn't enough coolant.

I'm glad you were OK! It's funny the prayers that God answers when we need Him!

camp and cottage living said...

Oh, Sherri,
I think you are so brave to even drive in all that horrible traffic, but to have this happen on top of it all....
I'm so glad your prayers were answered and it wasn't too much of a major car repair.

Unknown said...

That's a close call! Man... I'm glad things worked out okay for you though. Whew!