Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jelly or Syrup?

All done with that round of blackberries and I do thank all of you who left comments on the last post. It is nice for the moral support even if most of you were in the dark like myself about the ratio of ripe to unripe. 

Lynn looked it up and found the ratio suggested 3/4 ripe to 1/4 under. Leigh just picks ripe ones but finds that 'unders' creep in too and she uses those as well.  She also suggested to "go for it" as even if it doesn't turn out, the product will be great on ice cream...I agree, ice cream makes anything "All Better".

Above is the very last little bit of the jelly and it appears to be the only one that has jelled.  When the Mister gets home he will be the final judge on this one.

I did not process the jars in a hot water bath as we usually do here in the States but went ahead and did as our friends across the big water do.  Everything is boiling hot and filled to the top and lids quickly put on and screwed down.

It was surprising how fast I heard the little lids plunking down, much faster that with the hot water bath!

Of course, there are several jars with a special label for some very special little ones!  They will be safely tucked in on the next trip south.

The next project is the honey.  My 'Honey', ordered a special kit that strains it through 3 different mesh screens to make sure it is extra clear.  I will share with you after it is done...we will see.

I am hoping to do the Blog Share tomorrow so I will see you then.

Have a nice afternoon and evening.    xo


Lynn said...

It sure is a pretty color! Sometimes it does take quite a while to set up, hope that's just the case:@)

sweetvintageofmine said...

MMMMM....love blackberry jelly! Looks delish! I have blackberries...need to try this! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

vintage grey said...

This looks so tasty!! How yummy on some scones!! Have a great evening! xo Heather

ted and bunny said...

woohoo! anything homemade in a jar with a handwritten label could not fail to be delicious...ripe or unripe ratio aside, I always reckon its the love that goes in that makes it PERFECT!

Kami said...

We are LOVING your honey!! Especially Sissy, who eats it on her peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Also, I love your first photo - the background blur is beautiful.

Unknown said...

Ooh, so excited for the post about honey!