Saturday, August 20, 2011

Catching Up

It is totally amazing how a garden can grow when you turn your back for a week! Above is my welcome home gift that the Mr. had waiting for me at the door...Eeeeek !!!! First on my list will be to find the proper way to freeze grated zucchini, any tips would be welcome. Also, my Auntie Ella made a zucchini relish that many looked forward to receiving at Christmas time, I may even tackle that today.
The apples have even started growing larger and getting a pretty blush.
Finally, flowers on the beans, here are the purple ones that are so easy to harvest and even better when blanching as they turn green in the boiling water, telling you it's time for the ice plunge.

These were an experiment, they are Malibu pole beans from Territorial Seed and packaged for 2009. I had no idea if they would come up or not, as I didn't do anything special to keep them for this long. Now we will have to wait to see if the beans turn out well.
Please let me know if you have a good way to freeze grated/shredded zucchini for use in breads or muffin recipes. I know that if not done correctly, it can have a not so good result in the finished product.

I hope you all are having a sunny, happy weekend!



Floss said...

Wow, what a crop! I've never frozen courgettes, and didn't know it was possible, so I've always cooked it there and then, and if necessary frozen the results. I will be really interested to discover the technique if anyone tells you - best of luck.

Lynn said...

I haven't tried this myself but think I read about it (hope someone has tried it), I think the zukes need to be shred then squeeze the water out of them, and store in 2 cup measurements (or whatever your favorite recipes call for). I'll stop back to see what everyone suggests. The relish sounds great-have fun:@)

Michelle said...

Don't know about the zucchini, but those apples are beautiful.

Vintage Home said...

HI.....I believe Pig in Mud is right ...haven'tdoneit for years but I remember doing it!
Also love the ideaof RELISH!

Edward said...

Wow nice looking crop, good photos too I really like the one of the apple, sorry but I don’t have any idea about the zucchini but good luck with it.

Unknown said...

That's quite the zucchini haul! I think your second commenter's advice for freezing grated zucchini sounds good, and I'd really love to hear more about this zucchini relish! Yum. :)