Monday, August 22, 2011

Wood Stove Search, Opinions Please

Good Monday morning to you all, I hope you had a fun filled weekend. The garden needed my attention and shopping for some canning supplies were on the top of the list. Hubby had only one day off but managed to put together a makeshift gate for the 'south field' so the little chicks can't just take themselves for a walk anymore.
We are now officially on a serious wood stove search for the Vancouver house. There are so many brands and styles that my head is spinning.

I do like the modern styles like these but want the option of cooking on the top if needed. Our top priority is efficiency and want one that can last through the night and at least have embers in the morning to work with.

* I have no credits for the photos above because I looked at so many images and websites that I forgot who these belong to, sorry!

These last two tiny photos are from the Lopi website. This is the brand that we are familiar with as they are made right here in the state of Washington. Our son-in-law believes that this is the best stove and since he was smart enough to marry our sweet daughter, we will value his opinion.

Will you give us a hand on our hunt? If you have any experience with a wood stove or know of one that someone has that is either good or bad will you please share, it would be most appreciated.


I see rain clouds coming, better get out and pick some blackberries. Have a wonderful day!



Kami said...

We really have zero complaints about our LOPI - it has saved us tons of money. But that's just my humble opinion.

Rebecca Nelson said...

I would help you if I could but I don't know ONE SINGLE THING about them! :(

Thank you for visiting me yesterday and your precious comment.


Monica said...

Hi Sherri - We looked at a ton of these type of stoves when we were building. We ended up going for a fireplace with a cast iron insert. The one thing that I learned in research is go with the best that you can afford. I would personally like the more modern ones in the first picture, but I think you should probably go with something like the first one of the tiny pictures. Would be lovely in your home. We had the option of hooking our fireplace into our hot water heating system and didn't do it. We really regret it. If you that is a possibility you should consider it.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

first off...THANK YOU, my friend...i got that second picture off..i could NEVER figure it and this blog...sometimes i really wonder..but it worked !!!! thank you so much !!!!

i LOVE my will LOVE of the reasons we moved was because we had one of those fireplaces with the fake logs...oh..i really did not like that thing at all !!! you turned it on by flipping on the lightswitch !!! huh??? NOT my thing..

i have a Vermont DREAM...but it is not modern...those Lopi are beautiful....

thanks again for the help

kary and teddy

Lola Nova said...

I grew up with wood stoves, the more old fashioned those are what I know and what I like for efficiency (and ability to at least put a kettle on top). I have a friend who has a Lopi and highly recommends it!

Katiebee said...

We heat with a wood stove~and for the life of me, I don't know the brand! I have a book for it and as soon as I'm done with jury duty (yuck) I'll locate said book and let you know~
Hope all is well with you and yours!



Debby said...

I don't have advise but you are doing the right thing by checking out all kinds. I really want some kind of back up heat for when our power goes out. We live in Ohio and actually did without power for 5 days from hurricane winds. Isn't that crazy.
Thanks for all your comments. I do want to try going to a chiropracter (?).....I need to see if my ins. will pay for it. I have always had alot of tension in my neck.

Edward said...

Sorry but I have no idea about them, out of the photos I like the one your son-in-law has the most, it’s very nice, good luck with your search, sorry I can’t be of help.

RDA Pony Tales said...

Hello Sherri
I have a Jotul multi fuel stove but I choose to burn wood on it. It is fantastic and really throws out so much heat. With the cost of oil here being so high then it is a much cheaper way to heat the house.
Thanks so much for your visit. I did inform the police, but they said no hope of finding who did it.
I am so pleased to see Abe is doing so well and hope and pray he continues to grow stronger every day. xx

Dmarie said...

we have an old Squire woodburner. room enough for a couple of pans on its shelf...saves the day when the electricity is out! Can't imagine how to compare new ones--best wishes for your hunt!!

polkadotpeticoat said...

We love our Harmon stoves tried and true!