Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sticky Situation

This last weekend we paid a visit to one of the hives to see how things were going. The Mr. found that they had most definitely been busy little bees with honey a was time, he announced, to capture some of the golden goodness.

And here is the results of the first few frames that were removed.

Here is my high tech invention to extract the honey....

As you can see for yourself, it works very well. I won't try to tell you that it is fast, let's just say it was a good lesson in patience for me and I was actually very satisfied with the end result.

We have just enough to share with family in Portland and a few neighbor friends here that share their blossoms with our bees.

This weekend we will be checking the hive at the upper property and I will be sharing the interesting story of how that one came to be.

Hope you all have something "sweet" planned for your weekend!



My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

love love love that first picture of the jars...we are heading to a lavendar nursery tomorrow..better bring my camera !!!

have a fun weekend

kary and teddy

Edward said...

Wow that’s some good looking honey, I really like the photos, I will be interested to hear that story you mentioned.

Monica said...

You have a wonderful garden, chickens and bee hives. Cool. Looking forward to your story.

Kami said...

OOH! I can't wait to get a taste of that!! Remember, it will help put fat on your soon-to-be born grandson =)

flwrjane said...

Not as sweet as that!

I'm so jealous would love to keep bees.

you're living the good life:)

xo jane

Michelle said...

This does look very good!

Unknown said...

Oh! Some day I want to have enough land that we can do bee's! That looks so pretty. I'm sure your family and friends will LOVE it. :)


meemsnyc said...

Oh my goodness! What wonderful goodness!

Michelle said...

Yummmmmm. I hope one of those jars are coming to our house...hint, hint!

no spring chicken said...

I LOVE your high tech machinery! It's encouraging actually. I think that we put off doing way too many wonderful things for thinking that we can't afford the 'stuff' to do it. Enjoy your golden goodness, knowing that you don't have to wait until you are 90 to recoup the money you invested to 'do it yourself'.

Heather said...

Beautiful! I have honey bee envy. I watch the little buzzers flit around my lavender and can only dream of how delicious their honey is. I have contemplated trying to follow them home, but they are too quick for me.

Enjoy that sweet deliciousness... your friends and family are fortunate indeed!

Unknown said...

Ahh, wow! Do you have to wear beekeeper garb to extract the honey? Or do the bees tend to leave you alone. So curious.

The jars look beautiful. Mmm, honey.

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

nice going on the nantucket open house cookbook...yep...have it too


i LOVE thrifting for cookbooks !!! lots of FUN !!! maybe i'll hit it tomorrow !!!

kary and teddy

GardenOfDaisies said...

YUM. Honey from your own hive!! So glad you are doing your part to keep the bee population there healthy and happy.

Anonymous said...

That looks fabulous.I love the idea of making your own honey.


Katiebee said...

how exciting! we've tossed around the idea, just haven't done anything about it so far~