Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sometimes It Is Hard To Go

Saying goodby to City House again.  My stay, no matter how long, just never seems long enough.  It seems that I just get started and it is time to close everything up and shift gears to the North.

I am thankful for both of the homes that we have...just thinking out loud and feeling a bit nostalgic.

Enough of  that now, my sweet hubby is waiting along with Frederick the cat, chickens, garden and flowers.  So off I go.

Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends and don't forget the cookbook giveaway (here), open through tomorrow night and announcing the winner Friday.  xo


Lynn said...

The plates are very pretty! Safe travels:@)

camp and cottage living said...

I can relate to how you feel.
But I bet you'll be so busy doing the things you enjoy up north that you'll be perfectly content there.
Love your dishes! I just bought similar ones to hang.

Unknown said...

Ah, yeah. I can imagine it would be hard to go back and forth. Safe traveling.

Florida Farm Girl said...

Hmmmm.....given my affinity for the country, I'd likely be just staying up at the Little House in Paradise!! Of course, all those city amenities do call to a person.

ted and bunny said...

thats the nice thing about blogging- thinking out loud to us all!

sweetvintageofmine said...

LOVE the plates, sooo pretty! I think it would be nice to have a city house and a country house! MORE decorating!! Blessings~~~Roxie