Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christmas Gift For $4.99

Good day to you my friends! Once again, a great price from

I probably should make it clear that I have 'no' connection to any of these magazines or this website, I make

no money or even receive any thanks from the companies. I just can't let a good deal like this go by without

sharing with you all.

I love getting my Bon Appetit in the mail each month and take advantage of these deals every time they

come up. With this one, I will now receive it through August 2014..Yay! Most everyone would just love to

get this every month and at $4.99 you can't beat the price for a great Christmas gift....that keeps on giving!

Here's the info: Go here and enter code 7387 in the box, it will show the discount at final checkout.  If it is a

renewal, make sure to mark that box.

Remember - This deal only lasts one day!!!!


May you all have a sweet day!  xo


Lynne said...

Such a deal!
Thanks Sherri!

E.liza"BETH" said...

what an awesome deal. so glad you are telling us about it. big hugs. enjoy your week. how are you? (:

prince snow farm said...

Just did it and this made me so happy!! Thanks for the heads up!

Lynn said...

Always good to hear about a great deal:@)

vintage grey said...

Great deal!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great night! xo Heather

Lori P said...

Wow! I love deals like that, too. Thanks for the head's up.

Unknown said...

Bah! I wish I'd seen this earlier. Bon Appetit is one of my faves. :)

Katiebee said...

so sad... computer problems made me miss out on a good deal :(

you're so sweet to pass these bargains on~

have a great weekend my friend!

Lap Dog Knits said...

a wonderful idea for a Christmas gift...thank you..
one gift I'd love to give and receive...
happy weekend friend!!!!

Lynn Proctor said...

wonderful suggestion!!