Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh Deer!

Happy Monday friends and I have some cheery photos to share with you to start your week off on a sweet note.

Friday afternoon I went in to Anacortes proper for my chiropractor appointment.and it just happens that his office is right next to Red Door Thrift and two blocks from Kiwanis Thrift.  I know what you are thinking...and no, I did not choose this Dr. because of location.

After only finding a tablecloth at the Kiwanis, I got into 'Big Blue' (our pickup), started to pull out and what should I see.... was two deer.  I scrambled into my purse to get my point and shoot camera all the while thinking that they would run off and I wouldn't be able to share this with you.

  As you can see this is a city neighborhood with businesses all around too, so this is very unusual indeed.

At this point, I thought they would bolt across the street to get away from me.

But no, they went back to the parking strip.  I slowly let the truck idle and got some more shots with each second thinking they would certainly run off.

At this point I started talking to them and they still didn't care.

My voice seemed to calm them enough to start doing a little grooming.

Never did they become fearful as they strolled along taking a taste or two in each yard.

Here they are at the end of the street where I bid them farewell and turned the corner...How fun it must have been for the children that would soon be coming home from school, to see these sweet visitors.


I hope you too have a happy surprise today, my friends.  xo


vintage grey said...

The sweetest visitors! I always love seeing deer. So beautiful. Happy Monday Sherri!! xo Heather

Debby said...

We have deer everywhere. They just aren't afraid. It always surprises me when they are downtown. My neighbor feeds them. The other day I was driving by and my neighbor had their bowl andd he was alking and two were following him. So funny. They do alot of damage but I could never hunt them.

ted and bunny said...

ha! not such sweet visitors when they jump in your garden and eat the buds off everything year in and year out!
Oh, that makes me sound really grumpy doesn't it- well I'm not, and I do love to see the deer but I just can't understand why it is when they have miles of countryside to roam they have to come and eat my flowers.
ps I would've choseed my chiro cos of the thrift shop location :)
pps I have a white pick-up truck affectionately referred to as "Mr Pickup"

Dorothy said...

I just love surprises like this! Nice pictures!!!

Stephanie said...

Awww...cute pictures of the deer :) They are such sweet animals (unless they are in the garden). I hope your chiropractor appointment went well :) Enjoy your Monday!

Love and hugs,

wendy said...

Well, that would totally be a great surprise today. We see deer all the time...but that is expected, I live in the country.

Alison said...

That's so cool! I am surprised I have not seen deer here in the 3 years we've lived here. We bordered on protected wetlands in our old house back in Massachusetts, and used to see deer there occasionally in the winter. That must have been a magical experience, seeing those two!

Lynn said...

I would say by the grooming shots they were not worried in the least! Sounds like you had a little unexpected entertainment that day:@)

sweetvintageofmine said...

You certainly would not expect that! They are PRECIOUS! And what about those GORGEOUS PINK HYDRANGEAS behind the one deer? Of course, thats where my eyes went!!LOL! Roxie

Michelle said...

They must be used to hanging out in this neighborhood!

Delvalina said...

They are so adorable...
and seemed like they knew you were taking of their picture.

At first I thought they will cross the road and run from your car..but oh look to next pictures..they were just so cute!

and sounds you had a great day! Blessing to you more


Unknown said...

Oh that is just to much! How sweet is that! :)

That must of just made your day!


Unknown said...

Wow! I've never seen deer so brave, especially in a residential area.

Karen said...

Love it 'Where the Wild Things Are'... even if it is on the way to a thrift shop !!

Paula said...

They have the sweetest faces!

What a fun treat!

I HAVE to get to Anacortes some time to visit the thrift stores! I haven't been to Anacortes for about 40 years!

Kami said...

Only in Anacortes would a chiropractic appointment also be a deer viewing session....

Leigh said...

That is amazing. I wonder how deer show up in my garden, with a row of houses across the street. Now I'm guessing they don't care! Especially since we have woods behind us.

Lynn Proctor said...

omgosh--i just love this--every time i see deer, i am amazed, they are such lovely animals---you got so many incredible shots!!!