Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Big Old Rant ! !

I am sad to report that my pretty phone has robbed, yes a burglar broke in and touched her private parts and stole things important to her, things that she would never share with anyone.

You ask...."Who could do such a thing to a sweet girl like this?".

No other than our dear friend and slave owner.....GOOGLE!

Let me explain and bear with me as my fingers are flying in anger.

This morning, I needed to look at my Gmail contacts, something I have never really done before as I just usually do a 'Reply' or if I am composing a new email then I just start typing the name and it comes know the routine.

Anyway,  I went to the Gmail with the little arrow that you see above and clicked on it.

And then, silly me, I went right to the contacts (above) ...since that what I was looking for.

What should come up but..............


Never, Never, Never would I share these with Google or anyone else.  Especially Google who, if you don't know, READS our email....nice huh?!

I do 'not' sign up for all sorts of things that Google wants me to sign on to.  It is like pulling teeth to get this kind of info from me.

"How could this have happened?"  I hear you cry.

Well now, let me tell you the workings of our Slave Owner....Master Google.

Several months ago, I can't actually remember when it started, Google started giving me 'pop ups' saying they needed my cell number.....For my own good you see, just in case something 'happened' to my blog, they would need to be able to contact me...they would go on to say, "you wouldn't want to lose everything, now would you?"  And being the misbehaving slave that I am...well, I just ignored it....Master Google didn't like that, especially when I kept ignoring my Master who knows what best for me.

So, one day when I went to my blog, you know, that place that is our own special place that belongs to us...well, Master Google ...TOOK IT AWAY ...yes, the Master took it until I bowed down to him and gave him my cell number so he could text me with a 'code' that I had to put into my Little House sign in place.....Then after I was a good little slave and gave Master what he wanted, he gave me back MY PROPERTY.

Isn't that kind of what a PIMP does!?   WOW, the more I think about this the worse it is.

So my friends that is the only way I can figure how all of my contacts got transferred from my private cell phone to my gmail account.

Sorry to all those who have given me their private numbers and that want to keep them private.....Google has them now......


Quite a rant huh, my friends.  Well, I am done ....... for now.



Lori P said...

Oh good Lord! That just takes the cake. I guess that's more than a very good reason to transfer it all to Wordpress. Then you really do own it. Ugh. Off to check my google contacts list.

E.liza"BETH" said...

now that makes me wonder about my contacts? i will have to check. that is so frustrating. how annoying!! you are so silly google. not liking google right now. ):

Sandra said...

Goodness, that is ridiculous.

I have never had Google ask me for my number or take the blog away, that is a scary thought. Best go back up my blog.

Lola Nova said...

Oh for the love of Pete! it never ends. Thing is, I would happily pay a little annual fee to have these things not happen, but that's not good enough. Silly me, google doesn't just want our money, apparently they want our souls too!

I grumble, yet I am still a slave.

Leigh said...

Google asks me for my cell number regularly, except I don't have a cell phone so if they try to take my blog away, well, I'm not going to get a cell phone just to get my blog back! It bothers me that google plus wants to advertise our full name and location. That's why I won't sign up for G+. Seems to me they're getting too big for their britches.

Michelle said...

I think we are all growing a bit tired of Google. A little too much power me thinks.

camp and cottage living said...

I don't blame you for being angry.
I've had the same pop ups and have ignored them too.
I do worry about this whole google privacy invation. Maybe we should all find another blogging carrier.
But is anything on the internet 'secure' really? I'd love to know.

Michelle said...

Yikes.....I didn't know all that about Google. When it comes down to it, it is a bit like the devil. Trying to rob your soul like a thief in the night. I just might go on over to Wordpress myself.

By the way....good rant. I love it when you get hot under the collar because fur is gonna fly! All of us need to be a little more angry about these kind of things.

vintage grey said...

So sorry Sherri!! How horrible! I have been wanting to pay for my own domain for my blog, and switch over to another email address. I might have to get on it now!! xo Heather

ted and bunny said...

don't blame you for being angry but I think its probably only the tip of the iceberg- 'spect everybody has all our info about sooooo much more than mobile contacts.
Breathe, counto to 110, shrug, let it go!

Prairie Cat said...

Ever since we put in our numbers on google just to make that popup go away, my fiance and I have been having some trouble keeping our contacts separate. One day, I went to make a phone call and saw all of his contacts now uploaded on my phone. The same for him, all of my contacts are on his!

I have no idea why it happened, but I attribute it to allowing google to have our numbers since it started right after I gave them that info.

Unknown said...

Yeah, Google disclosed recently that they'd be changing their privacy policies. I guess this is the sort of thing that falls under their disclosure. Facebook requires phone numbers now, too. I'm uncomfortable with it, and have often though of taking stronger measures to protect my privacy. Then again, if I wanted to be private, I wouldn't have a blog. I have mixed feelings on the issue...

lisbonlioness said...

this is nothing short of sickening. What's next, google in my undies drawer??? Good job I NEVER give my real phone number for anything, silly me has this awful disease where I tend to mistype it when being blackmailed into giving it up. Tsk :D