Monday, May 23, 2011

Off To The Nursery

A very sad sight indeed, isn't it? There is only one thing to do...Off to Christianson's Nursery.

The old Schoolhouse where they hold classes and special events.

So many wonderful ideas that I can use for this project.

The very dangerous gift shop, how I love this place....lock my purse up!

Next time I will share what I found and the 'after' shot.


Have a nice Monday!



Unknown said...

Very beautiful. And inspiring! Looking forward to the 'after' shot. :)

Monica said...

What a lovely nursery to visit and shop at for inspiration. Curious about what you came up with.

Dorothy said...

Oh, Wow! A Nursery and a gift purse would need locking up, too! So many choices!!!

Alison said...

I want that wicker chaise with the pillows! Some day I might make it up there for a visit.

RDA Pony Tales said...

That looks such a wonderful place to visit, I would love it there and feel sure I would come away with an empty purse!

Princess and the Pea said...

Oooh that looks like a lovely nursery! Nursery gift shops are always dangerous places to take out your purse! x

Edward said...

Wow real nice looking place, I am sure you will get some great ideas from your visit to it.