Friday, May 27, 2011

The Find and The Fix

When I come across a tin in the sewing section at the thrift shop and I pick it up and it is heavy and things are moving around in it...well, noises almost come out of my mouth. No need to examine the contents, just peek in and verify, that indeed it was a grandmothers old button tin.

Immediately after it goes in my cart, greed sets in and I search for more tins or small boxes with rubber bands around them.

This was a good day...a tin and two small boxes...forgotten treasures from a grandmothers sewing room.


The Fix - It seems that Blogger has finally fixed the problem with the comments and sign in...At least for me it has been all fixed for hours, I hope it is for all of you as well.


May you all have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.



Monica said...

What a box of treasures for you!
Have a lovely holiday weekend.

Lynn said...

Going through all those buttons would be like Christmas morning! Great find! Happy Memorial Day Weekend:@)

flwrjane said...

Well done in the thrift shop. What a treasure trove!

xo jane

RDA Pony Tales said...

I look through tins of buttons now with the same excitement as I did when I was a child looking through a tin of sweets! All those candy colours are too much to resist.
I am having a few problems with blogger now, but am pleased your sign in and comments are fixed.
Have a lovely weekend x

Kathy said...

What a very terrific find! I am sure you'll have fun pouring through those marvelous buttons!

Princess and the Pea said...

I love the old button tin. I have my mum's and my grandma's. And my grandma-in-law used to work in a button factory! Can you imagine? All the buttons a girl could dream of!

Glad you're all fixed! X

polkadotpeticoat said...

All I can say is Jealous......fabulosa!

Edward said...

Glad to hear that blogger is working for you again. Good that you have had such a nice find, just interested but do you use the buttons for any thing or do you just collect them?

Paula said...

Great photos, Sherri! A friend of mine sews random buttons on cardigan sweaters as decorations. It looks very cute! I love an old button tin!

GardenOfDaisies said...

OH! Look at that treasure box!!! We share a love of buttons! After my MIL passed away, my sisters in law went through her closets and made a big pile of things to throw out. When I found a bag of old buttons and old spools of thread in the garbage pile, I HAD to jump in there and grab it out.